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Enjoy writing or showing my anger when i'm writing. If i have the time or when i'm not lazy. Sometimes just showing interest or just talking.
Chinese New Year & My Birthday At The Same Day!!!
YAHOO!!! xd Katara signing in! biggrin Its been awhile i've started writing my journal. Ya'know i still got school work and stuff coming and going so its kinda like a stressful thing for meh... sweatdrop My O math and A math teacher (which is the same teacher by the way, annoying much? confused incase you do not know wat O and A math are, its O level math and Addtional Mathematics and i tell ya, A math is soo much difficult and harder then O math i mean, they do have some of the same chapters but its like...err...how do i put it...much more thinking...ya i think tats it...i always keep on making mistakes and i always get really stress when my teacher gave us quizzes cuz i can't remember or i do but i'll certainly make mistakes in the end... i'm still not use to the A math tatics and all the using the "short-cut method" which my teacher does cuz i sometimes can be long-winded type of person when it come to math but when i'm doing O math, it seems soo easy in doing it i didn't have to worry so much cuz thnx to A math, my O math was easy as a snap! lol ) gave me lots of homework i mean, COME ON!!! Who has homework on the first week of school anyways!!! scream He is like giving homework and homework like an endless supplies of sweets (oook, once in a while he does NOT give us homework rolleyes )!!! But anyways its really helps alot cuz A math really support the balance if you take A math cuz its helps improve my math knowledge and get better grades too!!! xd

Ok, enough of this school stuff now, now its time for.......................... CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATION!!! Lolz lol ok, just not yet, its tomorrow. This morning i was preparing red packet (ok with very little help from my mom telling me which red packet recieve that amount of money. i aren't telling ya! xp ) its kinda like a tradition for me cuz i like putting money in the red packet, lolz! lol I've already bought all my Chinese New Years clothing for tomorrow and i can't wait to visit all of my cousins and relatives!!! 3nodding xd heart

I hope i get extra red packet and money cuz on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year is................................................................................. MY BIRTHDAY!!! heart xd heart xd I REALLY can't wait to celebrate it too!!! I'll be having my favourite CHOCOLATE cake! YUMMY!!! lol whee I really love Chinese New Year NOT because i'm a chinese BUT, i get to eat all my favourite food especially............................SHARKS FIN SOUP (now i know sharks are gonna be extinct but its one of my favourite food soooo......DON'T KILL ME! sweatdrop )!!! 3nodding xd blaugh So i'm hoping to get birthday presents, if not maybe red packets...lolz lol , i'm joking! Sheeh ppl these days... rolleyes lol I'm really hoping that my close relatives who have taking care of me have remembered my birthday cuz i REALLY don't wanna remind them. ITS ANNOYING!!! stressed The only thing i can hope for is for them to have a Prosprous Chinese New Year and have a good health. And so do all of you readers who are reading this journal rite now!!! 3nodding 4laugh biggrin xd

Well better get going, i don't wanna be a drag (if you thing i am then i AM a drag rite now). So c ya later on the next journal! 3nodding

Katara signing out!~ wink

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