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Enjoy writing or showing my anger when i'm writing. If i have the time or when i'm not lazy. Sometimes just showing interest or just talking.
----Name: Katara ----
----Title: The Mid-Year Exams Are Over! ----
----Feelings rite now: Happy And Contented ----

........Katara signing in........

Yo! Hi everyone! Its good to be back to start writing my journals again cuz i didn't know wat to write for the past few months (and i was also reading fanfiction stories, playing games and lots and i mean, LOTS, of homework especially math [i mean sheesh...wats up with him i mean he's like, giving twice as much homework then all average teachers are giving! stressed ]... xp ).

Ok so now i'm here just to tell/announce that....................................

MY MID-YEAR EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!!! xd heart 3nodding

Since my exams are over, now i can start realxing and have a great holiday (with lots of homework to do... sweatdrop rolleyes )!!! Around the first week of the June holidays, i was suppose to be on a school trip to go to Cambodia but alas...there comes the H1N1 flu or better known as the swuine flu (plz don't blame me of the spelling mistakes cuz i really don't know how to spell it... sweatdrop )... So our principal said that it would probably postpone to either November or December though... (which means... NO MORE HOMEWORK FOR TWO MONTHS!!! blaugh xd )

Even though my Mid-Year Exams are over, i still need to study if i don't wanna be held back... (AIN'T NO WAY I'M GONNA BE HELD BACK! I'M A GOOD GIRL! lolz... 4laugh ) I love when the exams ends cuz our principal and our teachers will always organise a school activity!!! xd We get to watch movies (like today i've watched 'Lean On Me' which i highly recommend you guys to watch cuz its a totally life changing experience! But we've only watched about 3/4 until the show was finish cuz it was our err...break time so we got no chance to watch it all...sad though cuz it was getting really interesting! mad ), go have sports activity (we get to compete with other classes where we sometimes get to compete with our frens too! biggrin ), go have an excursion, visting places and so on...

Wow... Looks like i've written alot. Oh wells. At least i did write something on my journal (better than not writing anything i'd say, lolz lol 4laugh ). Opps! Look at the time (my time-line)! Its already late and looks like i gotta go! C ya next time! smile 3nodding xd heart

Katara signing off! wink

........Katara signing out........

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