..ok i'm really bored right now and i'm writing in here which is becoming more frequent than i'd like..i just watched Horton Hears A Who and it was amazing-I"M IN LOVE WITH JOJO!!!!!!!!!!....he's.....godlike....i decided to have a wedding with him...as in marry him....other than that i am still peachy freakin' keen...minus rec and leisure cause i hate the teacher adn hockey...but who doesn't like getting whacked in the shins with a stick? oh, that's right-ME...adn i'm really excited that Inkheart is becoming a movie-i just hope the acting isn't as terrible as twilight-ANdnow i hear Dakota Fanning got a part-a little girl like her,i'm sorry-i don't really like her, especially after "because of winn dixie"...i'll stuff say that actually matters later