ew -_-
today is another not good day.
I was supposed to go to honor's band auditions but i didn't. sad I couldn't. I started to cry and panic and I just didn't drive out there. It just feels like everthing sucks. Senior year is not fun. At all. I am so stressed out. Seminar sucks though i am really excited for the material i have now! i can't wait to make my favorite asian's prom dress!

It's storming right now...i'm a little afraid to lose power. sad

I think i just had a mini panic attack about two hours ago...I was trying to practice my music for auditions one more time before leaving and i freaked out and was ready to cry. I literally called my mom to ask her permission to skip out on auditions. I was afraid I'd let her down. But she actually said that if it was what i thought was best that i didn't need to and she wouldn't be disappointed. ...i'd actually be there right now...performing this insane piece...i wonder what i'll have to say to Mr. Negro tomorrow when he asks why i wasn't there...

ugh... and then there's always Mr. Negro's son. I miss him...I hate him but i still care about him :/ and now he's dating her. I spent 18 months with you...six seasons...i hate seeing you two together. and that douchey move you pulled on last monday. wearing the scarf i bought you from international fair...making sure i see it the day after i go the fair this year... damn. you play so unfair.

i miss you, not us. and i really hate her. there's a reason her name is "the Walking Taco"...

ugh, there's just so much stress this year. :/