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These walls I've built to keep everyone out...
All I've done is lock myself in.
Where's My Heart Now? // The Monster I'm to Become

I dont see things the way i used to.

Everything used to be super happy and cool but now...

I see things in different shades of gray. I wonder why that is...

Ok, the sun has become my enemy. I'm constantly attacked my these memories i wish to throw away but... they wont leave. They keep coming back.

Though these memories are happy ones, where everyone of my friends and i are laughing and having fun, they strike sadness in my heart because there's someone missing in this picture...

And that 'someone' happens to be the bearer of my heart...

Someone we all know might never come back...

Someone who could have been involved in a loved one's death...

Someone we can no longer trust...

Someone who's caused too much pain to forgive...

Someone I cant stop crying for...

Someone I might have to erase... though i highly doubt i can...

If... if it comes down to that... this will be, without a doubt, a never ending vendetta.
I'll have to do it. He's broken his promises which means i can break mine.

For as far as i can remember... he has always held the other half of my broken heart... but since its come to this... i must throw away whats left of my heart, stop picking up the pieces and show him what I've become.

</3 ctrl+A

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Ice Princess Rin
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Feb 04, 2009 @ 10:58pm
Ane-san... stop crying these tears. Saying these things only make things words for you.

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