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These walls I've built to keep everyone out...
All I've done is lock myself in.
Amy Kisaragi
Notes and Comments: Amy was created to be the 'angel' version of Kairi. She has reeeeaally long hair because she never cut it in the heavenly kingdom and has no memory of her past self [Kairi].

Name: Amy Kisaragi//Angeline
_____ † Her last name comes from the angel [Setsuna] that raised her.
Age: Looks to be around 16-17
_____ † Amy doesnt keep track of her age. Setsuna does it for her.
Gender: Female
_____ † She was raised to be a proper lady.
Social Class: Royalty
Personality: Amy is a shy and sweet girl. She is sensitive to others' pain and has a habit of comforting wounded souls.
_____ † Amy was very friendly and always took care of those in need. Her personality allowed her to make many friends, both Holy and Human.
_____ †She is a pacifist and has refused bodyguards in fear that they might hurt others for her sake.
_____ † Amy would gladly accept someone else's punnishment if she saw too much of it.
_____ † Amy's acceptance of pain makes her seem like she's a bit of a masochist...
_____ † Amy is yet to learn of true love and is incapable of completely hating someone or something.
Her story: Angeline was born from the essence of the demon 'Kairi' and walked the earth completely clueless of who or what she was. Her demonic urges compelled her to kill many innocents and she often seen covered in blood. Angeline was found by an Archangel who gave up his life to destroy Angeline's demonic soul but only managed to seal it away. The angel's wife accepted his sacrifice and honored his wish to help Angeline start her life anew. The angel, Setsuna, brought Angeline to the sacred grounds where she was reborn and given the name 'Kisaragi' as a sign of Setsuna's acceptance.
After her rebirth, Angeline could not remember her past life. She was called 'Amy' by Setsuna and, eventually, her old name was forgotten.
Amy was raised to be a battle angel like the Archangel who sacrificed himself for her but the other Archangels feared that this might undo the seal so she was quickly locked up in a palace. There, Amy honed her skills in angelic healing and flight. With Setsuna's help, Amy was able to learn how to create forcefields and barriers to use for defense and offense. She trained on her own for a while, eventually becoming deft with her wings and hands. She grew to love the sky and would fly around, using simple spells to cut small pieces of paper with her feathers.
Amy was given lectures about humans and demons every now and again by Setsuna. When she understood the ways of the humans, Setsuna sent Amy down to the human world to see how she would cope.
In the human world, Amy met four orphans who followed her around. Amy gave in to their cries and took care of the kids. She watched them grow while she stayed the same and eventually, she was forced to leave them.
Amy was brought back to the Holy lands, her powers in healing were needed. She was thrown into a room full of dying angels and healed every last one of them. Working nonstop tired her out but she kept on going.
[[More to be added as her story continues...]]
_____ † Piano - Piano playing are one of the few similarities Amy shares with Kairi. When Amy first touched the keys during her time in the palace, songs came naturally to her. She found this usefull when putting the orphans to sleep on their first few nights with her. She also played when there were no angels to care for or when everyone was fast asleep.
_____ † Singing - During her time with the orphans, Amy usually relied on music to calm them down or help them sleep. For the little girl, Amy had to sing lullabies. Singing was never really a hobby for her but she often found herself singing without her knowing.
_____ † Art - Being alone in the palace with nothing to do, Amy found her nights filled with cryptic dreams about people she didnt know and places she's never been to. She began drawing these images out in paper and moved onto painting them. Setsuna was pleased with Amy's work but told her to stop and ignore the dreams. Amy did as she was told and eventually, the dreams stopped.
_____ † Flight - Amy is very adept in the skies. She was often very showy about it too. She loved her wings and were envied by others because of her ability to summon them quickly right after making them 'scatter' wildly around her. Her wings disappear, exploding into a flurry of beautiful white feathers. She can use her wings in forms of defense while her feathers are used to attack long-ranged opponents.
_____ † Light Conversion - Amy's main source of power is Light. Without it, she would be weak and helpless. She never had to worry about this because she had a neverending supply in the Holy Lands.
_____ † Control - Another similarity with Kairi. Amy can force people and objects to move however way she wanted. She could send knives (or bodies if she consentrated hard enough) flying across the room with a single hand motion. Amy can look into people's eyes to change their memory or compell them to do something. This skill is rarely ever used by Amy because the Archangels are uncomfortable with it.

_____ † Amy has long golden blonde hair that reach all the way to her wrists. Amy's hair will turn pink to signal Angeline's return and blood red for Kairi.
_____ † Amy has Kairi's pink eyes that slant upwards at the ends to give her a cat-like eyes. Like Kairi's, Amy's eyes shine or glow when she's in darkness, allowing her to see. But because Amy is dependant on light, her vision is still a bit darkened and slightly blurry.
_____ † Amy stands at the height of 5'2" [She grew two inches!! Yay!!]]
_____ † Pictures used for visual aid will usually be Eve from Black Cat.

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[[Will be updated... eventually...]]

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Ice Princess Rin
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri May 29, 2009 @ 08:20am
Yay, yay!! blaugh Hurry up and finish ittt!!

commentCommented on: Mon Jun 01, 2009 @ 09:02am
Dont make me write Kair's or Angeline's PLEASE!! x_X

Community Member
Ice Princess Rin
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Jun 01, 2009 @ 09:04am
<.< Hmm... Write Kairi's I'm interested in her story twisted
Angeline's just a random killer... right?
And, honey, you have a bit too much pink here @_@

commentCommented on: Mon Jun 01, 2009 @ 05:50pm
I like it. Very in depth and no short cuts. I have something like this in my journal as well. For Kagan, I have the first chapter of the book I wrote about him in there as well. Anyway, I liked this. I'll have to check up on it every once in awhile for the updates.

Community Member
Diana Kotaishi Denka
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Sep 12, 2009 @ 06:11pm
uh looks like eve from black cat

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