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Who will find it first? will he survive? what will happen.
Normally stories start out with Once upon a time, or in a land far away, but what if it wasn't so far away of a land. What if it was not once upon a time, but just last week this story took place. Questions and answers are what make the world a more exciting place. A place worth living, because isn't human curiosity part of life? Even if it wasn't, i consider it to be myself, so I have written a story to open the senses of the common detective, which is you, the reader.

The wind was full of the fresh scent of peaches and flowers from the house next door. That specific house, to be exact, is the most extravagant house on the block.That house has beautiful windows that shimmered in the sunlight like a diamonds in the ruff, and the color of the house stands out like a soar thumb compared to the surrounding dull houses. The bright pink of the house shone brightly against the lush, green grass as the happy family walked out with smiles and laughs. But that happy house is not where our story takes place, but the house three blocks down and across the rushing river. It was the most isolated house of the town, but inside the old, rickety house, was a beautiful girl who was even more beautiful then you could imagine. She had golden hair that was plaited down her shoulder like waves in the ocean. Her eyes where like endless sapphire pools that shimmered in the moonlight. she was the quietest girl in town and had almost nothing to do with the world around her until now,
Renae was sitting alone in the meadow behind her house with a small book and a flower that sat daintily next to her. She lightly sighed as she closed her book and stood up facing the woods that lead out towards town. she had a small smile on her faces as she slowly waltzed around the yard like a princess at a ball. she passed a group of flowers who seemed to dance with her and a group of trees that waved at her. she giggled and waltzed on through the trail in the forest, waving at her 'royal subjects' she approached the bridge with ease and walked on passed the burning river. she slowly came to a halt as she reached the market two blocks away from the beautiful house. she walked over to the first booth of fruits and picked up several apples into her basket she had on her right arm,
"Ahh Renae, so good to see you out and about again." the vendor said to her smiling as she handed him the few copper coins.
"Thank you maricio, and it is good to be out in the spring." she said in a lilting voice. she smiled brightly at him and he cupped his hands over his heart. Renae continued on through the streets making small talk with all the vendors and exchanging food and tapestries for coins. Just as she was about to leave, a strange women walked up to her, she had a hooded dress and seemed to sway with the trees and wind around the market,
"My dear, please, come closer," she said holding her hand out to Renae. Renae smiled the best she could and walked forward, "yes, yes, your name, what is it child, tell me your name." The old women said holding Renae's delicate hand.
"R-Renae" Renae choked out, "My name is renae,"
"Renae. . ." the women paused and reached into her bag on her back, "here, you deserve this more than me child, may your future change and prosper." she said handing Renae a small music box. "Wind up the music box and make a wish, It shall come true." the old women smiled crookedly as she cackled and disappeared before Renae's eyes. Renae jumped with fear in her eyes. she took the box and quickly ran home, not bothering to go find the mysterious women.

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    I hope you all like it ^^"

    comment A1icee · Community Member · Sun Apr 19, 2009 @ 05:23pm
    =O Interesting! So many questions going through my mind at once but the main is WHATS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT!?

    comment CeIeon · Community Member · Wed Apr 22, 2009 @ 11:42pm
    User Comments: [2]

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