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Who will find it first? will he survive? what will happen.
"Why are you following me!" she shouted in anger at the box as she collapsed over her father's supposed corpse. tears streaked down her face like rushing rivers as she mourned what she thought was her father's death. she sighed and stood up from her unmoving father, doing so she picking up the box. "What do you want with me." she said to it as if it was to respond to her like a human. she threw it against the wall and music began to play as it struck the ground. a key fell to the ground not far from the box as she stared at it in confusion. a loud bang came form the kitchen and she shuddered, unaware of who or what was in there. she took a step towards the kitchen and then another, as if she thought it would get scared and leave.
"Well miss, why don't you open it and find out what's inside." said a mysterious voice from the kitchen.
"Who are y-" she said taking another step towards the kitchen before being cut off by a loud clang
"Don't come in! or it will be your last time you'll see your father alive or anything else in this god forsaken house."
"He's alive!?" she said in excitement. she turned back around to her father and knelt down next to him stroking his dark brown hair. "What do you want with me? Why did you do this!" she asked the dark voice from the other room.a few clicks went on in the kitchen and the microwave started.
"We already discussed this. open it." he said walking out. he twiddled with a knife he had in his hands, spinning it back and fourth between his fingers without inflicting so much as a paper cut. her eyes widened at the sight of the odd man. he was tall and looked a little heavy set. he had bandages over half of his face and an eye-patch over where his eye would be in the bandages. his other eye was dark brown and seemed to burn a hole through you with his gaze. his hair shown like golden locks under his hat and his body was covered by a tan trench coat along with dark combat boots. Renae stared at the odd man and blinked a few times before she realized he was staring back with the knife pointed to her back as he lurched forward. "Open it, how many times do i have to say it." he said pointing the knife at her. Renae nodded and walked towards the box and picked up the key. she would up the back and it slowly opened up, but it did not react the same way it did at the river. it instead revealed a map, a treasure map to be exact. Her jaw dropped and she slowly turned around holding the projected map in her hands, "Well what is it, I don't see anything." he said pointing the knife at her again.
"It's a map, can't you see it?" Renae asked marveling the odd music box.
"No. . . . i see. so that means you'll come with me. since i can't see the map, you'll have to tell me what's on it as we go along to find the stone."
"What stone? and why can't i just draw it out." Renae asked hesitantly, she didn't want to leave her father alone.
"The stone of Athena. and you can't draw it, because it still would not show it's coordinates to unworthy eyes." he said twirling his knife again, "No need to worry, once we find it your father will wake up, it's part of the deal. now look over there." hes said pointing at a wall. Renae looked and immediately felt light head and tumbled to the ground, for she was just knocked out by a steaming hot frying pan by the mysterious man. he took the music box and put it in her pocket. as soon as he was sure it was safe he picked her up over his shoulder and carried her out of her house in the meadow and over to ship docked on the edge of the river pointed out towards the sea.

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