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Who will find it first? will he survive? what will happen.
Chapter Two ~

Renae clutched the box tightly in her hands and ran to an old, rotted cherry blossom tree next to the rushing river. the tree was only about a mile away from the bridge and exactly 3,456 steps from the town. How i know this is highly top secret and is to be figured out later in the story. Renae gasped for air and climbed to the only pink branch left on the tree. it stood out like a sore thumb and sat over the river like a flower growing in volcano ash. Renae took the box gingerly from her pocket and looked at the intricate designs and patterns on the walls of the box. there was a small wind up key with cob webs stuck in the back of the box that seemed to be calling to her. It seemed to be drawing her in, like a siren to pirates at sea. She trembled with fear remembering the old women who had took her hand with so much force she almost fainted. she twisted the key lightly and used more and more strength with each turn of the hand. she looked at the key as it suddenly giggled and turned itself at a faster rate. IT moved like a well-oiled machine and seemed to pick up speed with each complete circle. she held on to the tree branch and was almost envious at that very moment of anyone who had a normal life. she took a deep breathe and closed her eyes. she opened them moments later to find the box was floating in mid air before her. she sat, dumbfounded, at the box and claimed she was hallucinating, but she still sat and stared at the bow with wonder and awe. The box finally opened after what seemed like hours, but only 30 seconds of sheer excitement. the Box glowed brightly and sent out an ominous wail as it creaked open. Renae held the box in her hands as the dark and mysterious box started to play a familiar tune. a tune that only the trees knew and seemed to sway in unison as the harp continued to play. a small cube sat in the center of the box and gave off a saddening, melancholy feeling as Renae picked it up and dropped the box in the river. the cube slipped in her hands as she struggled to stay on the branch and jump down to the safety of the ground. she straightened her dress and ran to her house as fast as she could so she could show her father the mysterious happenings she had been put into. She sprinted to her house with a bright grin on her face that could make any terminally ill person feel like they did when they where twenty. she ran past her loyal subjects and past the field of flowers and wheat to a rickety old door. she noticed the center of the door was burst open and all the windows where cracked. she covered her mouth and ran inside her house, to find her father on the ground in his own pool of blood and the mysterious box she threw only moments ago on his chest.

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    =o Gasp, Is he ok!?...Considering the title I might not say so lol.

    Another great chapter 3nodding

    comment CeIeon · Community Member · Mon Apr 27, 2009 @ 01:35am
    i like it brilliant

    comment the lovely loser · Community Member · Sun May 10, 2009 @ 04:35am
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