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life may suck life may hurt but it is not me who hurts me it you.you are there saying you know how i feel you are there saying it just a faze but i know it a lie you nothing about me you think you do but you dont why dont you leave me alone let me li
bloody love part 3(soory it took long sweatdrop )

Chris continued to pull Erin far away from sky, Erin tried to get away but Chris grip was to tite.chris didn’t say a word as he pulled her it began to worry her usely Chris wouldn’t shut his mouth and yet he stayed silent. Erin finely spoke up; “Chris?” she asked quietly. It took a few minuets into finely Chris spoke “yea?” he asked not looking at her.” are you ok?” she asked looking down thinking she made him upset. “Fine.” he said apatheticly.erin tried to get out of grip again but it seemed to angry him.” let go.” She said getting annoyed.” no” replied Christ grip getting stronger, Erin tried to pull away more and more now but she could beak free from Chris’s grip. “Damn it Chris! Let me go now! Shouted Erin trying to get away.” why, so you can go back to that guy you just met?!” asked Chris angry. “What? Stay out of it Chris!” shouted Erin finely able to rip out of his grip. “Why? Cause your living a fairytale? Well wake up and come back to realty,” mumbled Chris.”Excus me?!” asked Erin make him face her “you got something to say to my face?!” shouted Erin. “You shouldn’t be hugging and kissing a guy you just meet it wrong!” shouted Chris.” like you should talk you do it with girls all the time!” Erin shouted at him crossing her arms.”Uh…” mumbled Chris “that’s what I thought” Erin said with anger still in her voice.” forget it” mumbled Chris walking away.” what? Were are you going?” asked Erin annoyed. “Home. This is the last time I worry about you” Chris said quietly walking away.”W-what??”Asked Erin blushing. But Chris continued walking away without a word. Erin gave up when Chris was out of her site. Erin sighed and turn away walking to her home. Every once in awhile shell turn back and look back hopeing to see Chris but it was just and empty rode. When she got to her door she heard a woman’s voice. “Wah?” she thought as she open the door seeing her father with a younger sluty woman. They were laughing holding hands. her father heard a gasp from the woman.” what is it?” he asked looking at her,” who is she?” asked the woman pouting;” this is my daughter Erin. Erin give us some alone time now” he said turning back to the woman. Erin just shook her head and walked up stairs tears rolling down her cheeks. Erin just crashed on her bed head in pillow as she cried, Erin cried all night getting no sleep again. When she finely drifted of she was awoke by the sun in her eyes. Erin could hear her dad snore, she sighed in relief that he asleep and she can get out of the house without a word. Erin got changed quick and rushed out the door but only running into Chris. “C-Chris!” she said looking up at him happy to see his smirk.”Hey, your up early” he replied with a chuckle.”Yea.well I never fell asleep so I figured I get up.” Erin said looking down.”Wow, you wont be late for school” laughed Chris starting to walk away.”Chris, you jerk” wined Erin following him. Once they were at school Chris went right to his girlfriend, sam.erin sighed walking alone now; she looked over at Sam with unknowly anger in her eyes. Sam was a looker, preety long very light blond hair almost like it was bleached hair always in a braid, nice body, big chest she also had odd color of eyes they were very light almost like they were yellow. But Chris loved that about her. Erin looked back at the floor seeing Chris out his arm around Sam’s waist and hearing Sam giggle when he did. Erin began to walk faster trying to get away from them. Erin began to think; why dose that bug me? Why do I even care? Erin`s thought blinded her from what was going on around her.befor she could even react she fond herself falling down the schools steps and people shouting her name as she banged her head agance the wall then a stairs then the floor. Everything was starting to black out. Erin couldn’t move she was into much pain, everthing started to get hidden by black and the last thing she could see before she passed out was Chris worried face.” is she ok?!”Asked Joe running down the stairs.”No! Duh!”Shouted Liz rushing down the stairs to Erin.” well don’t have to be and a**”mumbled Joe.” shut your smart mouth! And call 991!”Shouted Liz whacking Joe on the head. Joe knowing she’s worried did as told without a word. Liz looked over at Chris, seeing if he was ok.chris hasn’t said a word just sat there staring at Erin stopping the bleeding. Finely they came and picked up Erin.”…. Um”mumbled Joe not knowing what to say. Joe is a tall guy with dark brown eyes and hair, his bangs always over his eyes, bit paler then the normal guys, hes well built. He loves to joke round but can be really depressing.” just shut up Joe” sighed Liz holding in
Her tears. Liz is a kind of girl that doesn’t take crap.she curly red hair, blue eyes, and tan, nice body but she bigger then she shows. Joe looked over at her and sighed himself, walking away.” you should go back to class” Chris said quietly to Liz walking of school grounds” were you going? What did they say? Is she gone to be ok?”Asked Liz desperately. Chris stayed silent.”Well?!”Liz asked worried.”t-they said…she probly wont make it after that fall”replyed Chris biting his lip.”….no…”whispered Liz tears rolling down her cheeks
~to be contined~

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