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life may suck life may hurt but it is not me who hurts me it you.you are there saying you know how i feel you are there saying it just a faze but i know it a lie you nothing about me you think you do but you dont why dont you leave me alone let me li
Wedding day

It was the big day: November 12 2015. The day they been waiting for since the proposal. All the planning was done everything was getting set up as the groom and bride got prepared. The bride pasted around the house nervously, have not gotten any sleep. Her friends were trying to calm her down, as the brides mother came in” hello dear” she said smiling as her young daughter ran into her arms”m-mom!”She shouted arms tight around her mother.”My”said her mother” your trembling” she smiled” bit nerviest I see” the bride look up at her mother, eyes beginning to water”mom..I-“ her mother places a finger on her lips” don’t ruin your pretty face with tears. Now come on not time for talking we need to get you all dolled up for your husband” the bride couldn’t help to smile as her mother pushed her along with her friends not to far behind. The groom was still asleep on the couch with his hand on his chest griping onto the ring tightly. His best man walked in from the kitchen yawning holding coffee “still asleep eh?”He said picking up a pillow” better do something about it” he hit the groom in the face with the pillow as hard as he could”wakey wakey!!Its your big mistake day!” the groom fell off the couch holding his face”dude!!”He shouted” what’s the big Idea?!” his best man just smirked and pointed at the clock” times a ticken”he chuckled going into the kitchen. The groom look at the clock the shot up, stumbling to his room.” I told u to wake me up early!!”He shouted turning on the shower” now I barley have time to get ready damn it!” his best man shook his head pouring more coffie”chill out dude, your not the bride, it doesn’t take you hours to get ready” ” you got to be kidding me!” shouted the groom” I need to be cleaned up dressed and ready!! “His best man looked at him” dude why are you so worked up” the groom stared back shouting”im getting married for god sakes!” his best man rolled his eyes sipping his coffe”no need to yell, drama queen” the bride was at the beauty parlor. Her pretty long brown hair was getting curled as she stared into the mirror: her green eyes stared back at her with worry. She closed them and sighed, her maid of honor turn to her” what’s wrong?” she asked” its your big day” “I don’t know” she replied looking down” my body is trembling and I cant think straight” her maid of honor laughed” that’s normal girl, it happens to all “ she look at her in relief”really? Oh thank god”. The bride turned back to the mirror to look at her hair a small smile came to her” my big day” she told her self laying back in the chair, she closed her eyes” my big day…” the groom was dressed and messing with his tie trying to get it just right. His best man came in dressed himself” dude come on, the tie good we need to get going “ the groom looked at him then back to the mirror”no, its got to be perfect” he said messing with his tie again. “Come on the limo waiting. We told the them we would get there early” he said grabbing the grooms arm pulling him out handing him his jacket “you look fine” he smile”alight..If you say so”replyed the groom putting his jacket on.” I do” his best man said putting sun glasses on.”Um what’s with the glasses” he asked opening the door.” dude were two hot guys in sexy tuxedos with a limo out side .you know how many hot babes we will get” his best men ask smirking” a lot man a lot” the groom shook his head” great plan but you forgot on minor detail””whats that?” ” Were dressed like this and have a limo cause im getting married! Idiot!”Said the groom pushing him out the door”hey” shouted his best man. The bride was in her limo with her friends teasing her about wedding night. She looked out the window blushing trying to ignore them. The bride saw the church as they drove closer; her heart began to beat fast the feelings was coming back. She closed her eyes and told herself to calm down everything fine. When she open them they were there.” here we are” said one of the brides maid helping her out of the car” come on we need to get your dressed on” said anther pushing the bride inside to the woman’s changing room. She looked around seeing all the flowers on the table from others congratulating her for her big day. The bride walked over taking on of the flowers, it was her favorite; a white rose. A note calt her eye, it was sitting in the vase of white roses. The bride picked it up and read it, a big smile came across her face. It read: dear love, I just can’t wait to see you, in your beautiful dress with the smile I love. Soon will be married and be husband and wife but for now I must wait for my beautiful bride.” he always knows just what to do to make everything right” she whispered to her self as her friends swarmed her” come on girl its time to get dressed.” they said .the bride turn to them and smile” of course” she said The groom was wondering around trying to keep calm. His best man came put to him putting his hand on the grooms shoulder” enjoy the time you still have for freedom?” he asked smirking. The groom turned to him angrly”quit saying that!” his best man puts his hands up” don’t worry dude maybe she chicken out if you get lucky haha” the groom glared at him, his best man let go of his shoulder” well im gone to go check out the brides maids later” he said walking off smirking. The groom felt a horrible sensation come over him; he became pale and unsteady. Horrible thoughts flew threw his mind, he began to ask himself: “what if she dose bail out? What if she really doesn’t want to marry me? Am I making a mistake? Am I forcing her into this? Is she not ready? Am I not ready?” The groom held his head.”Don’t think like that” he told himself” I just need to calm down” he stumbled into a restroom caching himself on a sink. He put one hand on the switch Turing it slowly focusing on the water pouring out. The groom drenched his hands in the water then splashed himself a few times before He look in the mirror: he was getting his color back and his green eyes were coming back in focus. The groom turn off the water and peeked out in the hall way, seeing the flower girl and ring bear running around giggling unable to sit still for long. There parents were trying to calm them down so the wouldn’t get messed up. But the kids wined when they sat them down and soon as their parents turned away they were at it again. The groom turned back to the mirror and smiled”im ready he told himself” the bride was dressed but not ready she was getting nerviest again and no one could calm her down. The bride sat down head in her hands Listen to everyone around her frantic. Her mind wondering with different thoughts: “I love him for so long. But what if? No! Don’t think like that!” she told herself looking up with her blurry eyes. Her mother was right next to her rubbing her back gentaly”you ok honey?” The bride looked at her tears rolling down her cheeks” no…im not mom” she said wiping her eyes” this is suppose to be the happiest day of my life but im miserable. Maybe this is not right…” her eyes watered more hearing herself say that”no!”She cried” I love him so much why am I saying this?!” her mother wrapped her arms around her and let her daughter cry” honey your just nervest.it happens to every woman about to marry her dream guy” the bride looked at her mother, her mother continued” it just means you really love him and your perfect for each other. So don’t fear that it not right because it is” her mother smiled at her wiping her tears” you wont be perfectly fine into you say I do so just keep strong into then” the bride nodded and hugged her mother again then got up so her friends could finish and fix her. Her maid of honor notices the groom stumble into the other room from her corner of her eye. She put the flowers she was setting up and went to check on him only to find him leaning agance the wall holding his head.” are you alright” she asked walking over to him putting hand on his cheek” your really pale” he turn to her” I don’t think I can do this” he whisperd, she looked at him” don’t say that you love her” “I know I do she’s my world “ he began to lose hid balance again, she grabbed his shoulder” stay with me!” she shouted shaking him. The groom took a breath”im ok now. Will you get me some water?” he asked standing up straight.”Yes.are you sure you can stand” she asked ready to catch him, the groom nodded.”Ok”she said going to get him water. But she didn’t get far before she her a loud thump. The maid of honor turns quickly running back into the room finding the groom passed out on the floor with a huge bleeding cut in his forehead from the end table.”s**t”she shouts trying to get him t come to, his best man runs in hearing the thump” what the?” he asked running over” damn idiot” the bride was wondering around her dressing room wondering what’s going on out there’ what’s going on?” she asked one of the brides maid trying to keep her inside” nothing at all. Stay in here its not time for you to go out yet” her brides maid told her pushing her in a seat” your lying something wrong. What is it? Is he ok??”The bride asked glaring at her bride’s maid, Her brides maid smiled” nothing wrong one of the kids knocked down a vase were just getting it cleaned up and calm the kids down” the bride looked at her and sighed”fine..If you say so” she put her hand to her heart” I just cant get myself to calm down” her brides maid patted her back” it almost time just try to calm down and drink water.im gone to check on the kids” the bride watched her leave then looked black at the white roses. She picked on up and smelt it”soon”she whispered to herself” soon..” the groom was awake with a wrapped up head, his vision wasn’t clear yet but he could tell what everyone was doing: the kids were playing hid-in-go-seek, his best man was flirting with some of the brides maids, her brides maids were giggling and mumbling about his best man, her maid of honor was holding ice to his sore head, the only one person he wanted to see but he couldn’t was his bride. The groom closed his eyes daydreaming of his bride’s soft hands on his cheek and her fingers gliding gently across his wound. He couldn’t help to smile but when he opened his eyes; that smile faded. She wasn’t there with him and he missed her like crazy, he knew he would be seeing her soon but it wouldn’t be soon enough .the groom forced himself up” thank you” he told the her maid of honor”im ok now” he smiled. Her maid of honor looked at him” you said that last time” she argued” and now u have a bloody dent in your head” he laughed” yes I know. But I really am ok now” she crossed her arms” are you sure?” she asked” one more fall like that and you’ll have to go to the hospital. Are you positive your ok now?” the groom nodded” more then ok. Im ready now” her maid of honor smiled” good I don’t think ether of you can wait much longer” he smiled and turn walking to the alter, standing hands behind his back: nervest but ready. The room was filled with family and friends all dressed up for the ceremony. “Its time” her maids of honor said to the bride helping her up and out to the hallway were the bride’s father was ready to take her in. the music began to play and the flower girl nervously walked down throwing flowers. Then after her came the brides maids .the groom held his breath has the bride walked down with her father. He began to stare unable to help himself from how beautiful she looked. He smiled nervously taking her arm, she smiled back at him and they turn to the priest. Everyone got quiet as the priest began the ceremony. They turn to each other and told their vows.” I will away love you, help you, and listen to you. What ever you wish is my command,” the groom said looking into her eyes. The bride smiled and moved his strawberry-blond hair out of the way so she could see his wound” I will always love you, hold you, keep you happy and smiling and protect you” she said rubbing his wound gently, he smiled and blushed abit. The priest called for the rings, the ring bear came holding the pillow with the rings. The groom and bride took them, thanking the ring bear. After the ring bear went to stand with his dad, they turn back to each other. The groom but the ring on her finger and she put it on his then the priest stared up again” do you take her to be you loving wife?” he asked the groom” I do” he answered unable to take his eyes of his bride. “Do you take him to be your loving husband?” he asked the bride” I do” she replied smiling.” then I now pronounce you husband and wife” the priest said” you may kiss the bride” the groom took his wife in his arms and kissed her gentaly, the bride returned it. The whole room cheered and awed, they pulled away: not really wanting to. They took each other’s hands and began to walk down between the other smiling and clapping but that wasn’t there focus, there focus was at the door with light shining it. Cause when they go threw those doors it will be the start of their life together

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