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life may suck life may hurt but it is not me who hurts me it you.you are there saying you know how i feel you are there saying it just a faze but i know it a lie you nothing about me you think you do but you dont why dont you leave me alone let me li
“A weird story is told to every boy and girl, belive it they live with fear but live with safety those who do not live without the fear but not the safety. Which one do you chose? Well im telling the story, no stopping me now. A young man at age 17 learn something he cant take back-“"great” I thought looking threw the car window.” Almost there” I heard dad say to my wineing sister then mom turned to me” stop pouting.youll have fun,” she said to me in an angry tone. I guess she sick of me moping all the time. But wouldn’t you mope to if your parents were making you move away from all your friends to a crapy house? I wanted to say that to her face but I kept my mouth shut and stared back out of the window. After a few minuets I saw an old house coming up. I turned quickly to my parents” hell no” shaking my head.”Yeap! Preety ent it?” ask dad smiling”no”I mumbled.”O, shut it Adam” my mom snapped at me. my dad turned into the rocky driveway before me and mom got into a fight” were here!” he shouted jumping out of the driverseat.my little sister turned to mom with a confuse look” why is daddy acting like a kid?” she asked chewing on her stuffed bear ear.”Hes just happy dear” mom replied in a genital voice.”Ok” my sister giggled running after dad. Mom walked after her” don’t trip” she called out.” we won’t” dad and sis shouted back at the same time, then turned to each other laughing.”Hey, nat.ill race you!” shouted dad challenging my sister.”Ok!”Replied Natalie running ahead.”Hey”shouted dad chasing after” cheater”. I walked slowly with my hands in my pockets. Mom turned to me again with glaring eyes.” why can’t you be happy like the rest?” she asked.” ill was about to ask the same thing” I replied with a smug look.” you little mistake” she shouted turning and stomping inside to go cry to dad.”Arg”I sighed going inside. I finely go to lie down in my new room after getting yelled at for 2hrs.”This room is old,” I thought looking around at the spider webs, bats, bird nests and dust. Then again this whole house is old. I laid my head on the hard springy bed, even thought it hurt I was out in seconds. I woke up to my sister screaming; something about wanting ice cream or something I cant reamber. Of course my parents gave her what she wanted I might not have got up but the screaming stopped and I heard her shoving it down. That little brat get whatever she wants I swear! I know all older kids say that but im dead serious everything. When I was little I never got ice cream or toys not even hugs my parents just gave me a bottle and had to wear my stinky dipper for days before I was changed.alright I need to stop complaining. I got up with a sore back. Not surprising after sleeping on this bed.”Great”thinking to myself” my first day of a new school”
~to be continued~

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