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Fujiwara Tatsuya's Journal
Random crap of whats on my mind or what happened recently.
I found a great poem!
True love bloomed between two sad hearts like a rose growing eager to be kissed by the sun's sweet warmth.

The radiance of their emotion was even obvious to the smiling watchers from afar.

They knew just as well as the sad hearts that their love was meant to be.

Though it was true, only one felt completely that way for the other.

She would do anything for the soul that denied their love for he was blinded.

Blinded by a veil of confusion and a past which seems to forever haunt his weakened heart.

'I will heal you,' Says a now broken heart, with no room for happiness for its so filled with sorrow.

But he pushed away her love, called it back to him, then pushed away harder yet.

But she sees how they have already become one, and how she will never feel differently towards him.

She makes him stronger though he still does not realize it, he's scared so he runs.

And she follows, but giving space, falls behind slowly and painfully.

After a long and tiring chase, it seems pointless. She stops. Her heart along with her, all the time trying to pull itself back together. Her soul stirs. He turns to see if she still cares about him after all this time and is surprised to see her still there for him. Waiting...

She risks another push and goes to him, removes the veil, with her love as well as with her hands, from his eyes.

Though she wanted to give it all up, to not love this person who painstakingly caused her so much hurt, she spoke from her saddened and still hopeful heart.

'I love you... And I will not let you be blinded by your past when our future can better it. Please... I refuse to leave you wounded... Let me fix it.'

Her love filled him, he let it. For once, he did not deny it. A tear slid down his cheek as something hit him... Realization. And love.

Another one!

I love the way he laughs
I love the way he’s kind
I love the way he smiles
I love how he looks
I love how he’s smart
I love how he talks
I love his name
I love his eyes
I love his smell
I love his confidence
I love the way he is
I love the way he loves me
I love our precious time together
I love his sweetness
I love that I love him so!

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