Woke up at 6
Left for School at 7:20
school started at 7:50
went to classes all day.
BF almost told me he loved me infront of a ton of people! soo cute! he only says it in phone calls texts or when we are alone.
Missed Bf after school. (wait for me nao...*puppy eyes*)
Got picked up at 3:27 went directly home to work on homework starting at 4:00
did 2 subjects till 5:50 had a half an hour computer break. Then went back to write a paper. finnished that then had a 1/2 hour computer break before dinner. ate chinese then went to do Ap World Hw. at 9:08 i went to work out till 9:27 then i went to shower 9:30 -9:42 chilled till 10 then did rest of homework till 10:15 went to bed around 11 or so.