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From Bunny Dragoon

Rally rooms full of stupidity
I meant to make this my first entry for my Gaia blog but s**t happens lol
This inspired the journal and my blatant acts of dickery in Rally.

I was on my Zemal account looking extremely gay. The room was only filled with a few people and some immediately started asking my gender and if I was gay. I'm always vague, the smart ones get it, the dumb ones get more annoying.

After a while it was only a small group of guys and me. One of them absolutely hated me becasue he believed I was a gay man even though I said about five times "I'm a woman." He would even do that stupid "*shoots you in the head* nao ur ded so sut da f** up!"

The other guys were bored and did a truth or dare for shits and giggles. I "sat" with them while they "dared" the guy to "kiss" me to piss him off. Which he began to curse them out.

Now, this is just the introduction to what is going to happen, by this point there is just the 5 of us in this room. All of us (besides the noob) are cool with each other and are having fun. A girl enters the room, the noobish guy is all over her going "ur pretti" and s**t. She doesn't say anything thing at first but interrupts us and just says "u need to get da f** out of ma room" we then realized this was her Rally room...the names matched (lol)

It was odd and rather stupid because there was only 6 of us in the room now, I was about to insult her and leave until one of the guys talks back to her and begins this bizarre conversation.

(I'm going to stop the noobish talk becasue it's annoying for me to type that way. Just pretend it's horrific spelling and grammar.)

Him: Why? We weren't doing anything?
Her: Because it's MY room and I don't want you noobs here.
My: Wait, us, noobs?
Him: No, I refuse to leave.
Her: GET OUT OF MY ******** ROOM YOU ******** NOOBS!
Him: Make me
Me: Go make another room if you don't like us, we like each other and you can't kick us.
Her: UGH! you ********! I'll hack you!
Me: wat
Him: LOL, we'll report you
Her: I'll hack you first!
Me: I already reported you
Him: Twice

And she left the room, I was laughing my a** off but I'm also paranoid. I left the room to check everything and move my most rare items to this account. I then wanted to see if she went came back, which she did. She brought a friend. He proceed to call us all white as fags and that he had hacked all of our accounts. I taunted him by asking what my password was.

Me: So whats my password?
Him: You are so ******** hacked, you ******** f**!
Me: Me: If you hacked me, whats my password?
Him: ******** you f**, I'm taking your s**t.
Me: Really because I just reported you. icon_smile.gif

He went on to call us fags and were soon b&
It was a great day.

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