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Thorn Of The Sky
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From Bunny Dragoon

Maplestory Hacker
This doesn't have to do with Gaia but it's still a funny hacker story. This is also from when I used to play Maplestory.

Starting out Maplestory did have common hackers problems. When I usually see them I change the channel and continue my quests. One hacker I encountered, for some reason, really pissed me off. I was trying to get a semi rare drop from a monster that infests the train area. I was working hard until I saw a hacker killing all the monsters and taking the items so I wasn't able to do my quest. What he was doing was sitting in one place and simply swinging his sword, every time he swung it ALL the monsters would take damage. I was just fed up so I was going to screw him over. When a monster would die I took the items, after a while more people came in and did the same thing. About 10 people completed their quests while he was still trying XD

I currently don't play Maplestory anymore.

Gaian Darwin Awards snipit #5
This one is from x_ Toboei _x:
Ok, heres one i had about a Scripter, she was banned afterwards
NOTE: My Character is Female, But i go by whatever the user thinks i am, (ex: "are you a boy" i would answer yes)

Her: Hello...sir?
Me: Hm? oh hello
Her: so your a Boy correct?
Me: Yup.
Her: then why does your info say Female?
Me: Because im Female
Her: wait what?
Me: Nvm. whats up?
Her: Nothin much, be right back
She left the Rally and came back with a red name and Name change, but she forgot to change her avatar.
Her: Hello, im a admin, and im banning you
Me: Welcome back
Her: wth?
Me: Try changing your look next time.
Her: i can hack you if you dont shut up
Me: is that so? so i can Report you for Hacking if you do so?
Her: No because im a scripter
Me: . . .
She once again left and changed her name to "KirbyCookiesIsAFa****"
Her: Ha ha, you cant do anything about this
Me: there is a report button you know, and i do have Lots of Witnesses
Her: -Logs off-

Gaian Darwin Awards snipit #4
This one is from iSamuraiPandy:
So a while back, my account was hacked. Graciously, the moderators sent me a password reset link so I could get back control of my account. Later that day, I received an email saying that my account had been blocked for 15 minutes due to too many log-in attempts. I figured it was the hacker trying to get onto my account, so I reported it. Then that night, I received a trade, containing absoultely nothing, entitled :: "why u took my account? can i have it back plz?"
I just assumed that was the hacker, so I reported it and they were banned. ;]

Gaian Darwin Awards snipit #3
This one is from BenjaminBriggs:
Oh lordie, I ran into one that still makes me go "Bwuh?" years after the fact.

I bought a rather popular item off the marketplace, and was happy. It wasn't too expensive, and in fact, was about a thousand cheaper than the other offers.

About two days later, I get a PM from the seller. I often get these, or comments, thanking me for my purchase, so I was very surprised to find this:

"You have to give me back the item, because I went out of town for the weekend, and the price went up a lot, so you either owe me five thousand gold or I want the item back, you thief!!"

So, I kindly linked her over to the rules of the marketplace and said that she'd sold it at the price set, she got her money, and there wasn't anything stolen.

She replied that she was reporting me for stealing from her, and how could I be so mean to a poor, destitute, unloved, unwanted girl who only wants to make others happy and now I was CRUSHING her childlike faith in humanity, she's going to RUIN ME!!

I said, have a ball, sister.

Oddly, she never pm'd me again.

Gaian Darwin Awards snipit #2
This one is from Bulvi:
Ok this is not a huge deal and I'm sure a lot of people have had this or somethign simular happen to them.

I get a trade request - no PM to explain it just a trade request from this girl offering a few flowers and pieces of trash... so since I have in my store that I accept unwanted items I accept the trade - then I get a PM from her saying that I'm trying to scam her because I didn't put any gold in the trade and that if I don't give her x amount of gold (Waaaayyy more than market value for trash) she's going to have me banned from Gaia for scamming her out of about 3g (at market value) worth of items ugh! I canceled the trade. Then she PMs me and says even though I canceled the trade I still need to send her gold or she's going to report me for scamming... even though I never asked her for items or had ever heard of her before she tried to send them to me and *I* canceled the transaction. ugh! Talk about one crazy blackmail scheme! Which is of course against the TOS.

Gaian Darwin Awards snipit #1
I was seeking the help from other people to get more stories were I was reminded of the Gaia Darwin awards. I'm finding my favorites and sharing them with you guys.

This story is from Seraph Mirako Animus:
Right, so I'm in Rally. And this guy, let's call him Jim, walks up to me, and starts talking to me, nothing special really, just remarking that he liked my avatar...then that he was questing for some of the items I had, he asked me for a donation, and I declined, saying that I only donate to friends. Suddenly, Jim says 'brb' and stops talking for a second. A moment later, I receive a PM from an account that has an avatar incredibly similar to good ol' Jim. This PM informed me that the sender was a mod, and that I have been reported for flaming in towns, it also stated that If I did not send my login information in under 15 minutes, I would be banned. Soon after I received this mail, Good Ol' Jim came back and began talking about how he was going to be obtaining a few things he mentioned he wanted from me, very soon. I of course, being completely trusting of this fellow, saw no connection at all to him and the scam PM I had just received. Thusly, I reported the PM, and made the following response:

"hello Jim, just a bit of advice here, you really shouldn't list off all the items you want from me before sending the scam PM, It makes it a tad obvious."

Shortly after that reply was sent, Jim disappeared from the rally room, and I never saw him again.

Must've been eaten by lawn gnomes or something.

Moral of the story: Don't try to steal people's pixels, ever, especially not blatantly.

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