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Thorn Of The Sky
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Hackers That Fail
So,I recently was tried to be hacked.Here is the PM:

Qualified Account Analyst

©This is a "Report Maintenance Scanner". 2008 Gaia Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Attention User,
We are sorry to inform you that your account has been brought to our attention. Your account has been REPORTED and needs to be investigated for further information. Like any other Gaian Administrator, we don’t normally ask for this information but to clear your report we must. You will be asked a few questions to verify that this is your account. Please fill out the information requested. If you do not fill out the information before you log out, the maintenance will not be able to be complete. If you were offline when you received this message, you have been given 15 minutes to reply to this message as of the time you logged in.



Confirm Password:


Date Of Birth: / /

Once your account has been verified that it is free of any faults, your e-mail provider will be notified. We thank you for your co-operation.

Please do not submit PM reports for swearing, attitude, or issues not covered in the Gaia Online ToS. Additionally, please do not submit this form multiple times, abuse this reporting tool, or spam this form with meaningless information. Thank you for your cooperation.

Your sincerely,

-Gaia Administrator and Help & SUpport Team-

©REPORT 423.738.435.889.349

I loled,reported them and told them:No.You cant hack me.Sorry.

They haven't PMed me back.Must have been eaten by a newb or something...(Also notice,they spelled Support wrong.And TOS.Gaia wouldn't make that mistake.And if there were more then one of them,I would have believed it more.But there wasn't.Oh,and because every time someone has tried to hack me.Same message,but different name..Hmm..XD)

LOL!!This one I keep coming back and go,"HUH?"So right now there are these pms that keep coming to me.They say:http://tinyurl.com/loja7b

I got the first one,no less then ten minutes pass before I get another on.Same name,same message.No less then FIVE minutes pass before I get the next one.Same everything.But all of these people are diffrent.What Im wondering is,where did I pick up all the leeches?!Ill tell you if I get anymore.
I have gotten two more,at the same time.I feel so loved!!(sarcasm)ANd I dont get where I picked up these leeches!(i call them leeches,due to how they try to suck out your rare items and gold.)When i logged on I had three more in my box.I didnt reply,just reported them.This is starting to get either really funny,or really annoying.

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