could you really see?
was it easier?
were you cold in the wilderness?

now do you see?
you cant run away from me?
( i am immortal )
living your life in pain?
is that easier?
(is that harder?)

following all the dread?
was it easier?

not all life can run away
not all people can be very ok...

we try to make the best of it
thats what we do

life comes in forms
and when your happy
then your sad

its a cycle...and you?
your just another part

your brainwashing is nothing to me
your gods,your devils,your holy devices
your books,your truth?, you lie to them

when we discovered things you went and changed it
when we discovered science you went and changed it
when we revolted you went and change it

when we made had to change it...

is really gods law?
or is just a book?
can it really see through me?
or is it just a book?

can you really lie to me?
or is this...just water?

look at the war...caused by this
look at the faces...caused by this...
this....this...this book...
this...this this is a book!

no holy relic?
no greatest weapon?
( its a book)
no greatest antquie?
(its made 300, all around the world?)