Candle burning flames that die
Frost sitting melting why?

its all the same...

Forest sitting in the breeze,...
Ocean moving with the moon... the same....

You and i are not the same
You and i are all the diffrent
You and i are diffrent
But, we are both human...
and we...can...both feel.....
(yes we can feel)

Trembling earth sits before me
Dying sun that will turn old
Count the days as blessings...
Count your life a whole

Savor every moment
for the next could be the last

are you listening child?
are you not afraid?
soon when you are will see..

and once again i am back here...

taunting sitting fragile Glass
smiling silver slippy spoon

condeming you and i
why do we talk?
you and i?

we are very differnt
we are a same?
we are just humans

but we bless everyday
everdays a gift it is no right

as long as we are here its not
and will you come and stop this fight?
win or lose?
for the sake of your choice....your god will not save you
your god is just a myth
our god is just a myth
foke tales and pretty words

devils and gods with words
...a book to keep a child safe...
a book for the ones who cant accept....