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think of the impossible....
just listen to me!
grace sighed as she looked at raph... they had been in an argument... about him of all things... he wasn't telling her somthing "you...your just a b*****d got that!" grace yelled. "my feelings for you are there no longer... it was a simple crush! i dont ask you out of love but friendship" she lied, why did she love him? she knew he was darkness! but she wanted to be in his arms, why? just why? she turned away and stopped "raphael.... go to sari... i know your secret... i have seen your darkside in a dream of mine... and you have no reason to be here!" she almost shouted "go away... so my eyes wont see even a strand of your hair... i will not allow my heart to suffer any longer!". she stomped off angry... she hoped dearly he would go after her... but she knew he wouldn't... she knew he wouldn't!he was on the dark side... he didn't care... about her, nothing! no one did! she wished she wasn't... oh what did that man call her ... an emo... she wanted to not be looked apon as the sad girl... the dark girl struggling in the balance. she was sick of it! "oh poor grace... protect and heal your heart grace" thats what they said. all of them said that to her and her heart breaked even more..."no!" she screamed "please gods!" she yelled "tell me why!? why you want me so.... miserable! make it worse i dare you!" she shouted toward the sky... thunder cracked and its started to rain"thank you thank you very much!" she said sarcasticly she flunger her hands down. she was normal... normal! why did people not see that? just because she's suffered many loses? is that why?
she banged her head on a brick building in frustration "ack! theres no break for me is there?" she said and stopped. looking down her eyes shut making the grim expression. her arm started to hurt again... she flung the coat off that she bought from the last world and looked around making sure no one was there. bandages were rapped along her arm and she took them off. it looked like blackened burn marks on her wrist and it was growing almost to her elbow "the darkness is spreading" she sighed... the last world that she had been at... it started after her knock out phase. "damnit!" she yelled punching the wall "send me to hell already send me to hell!" she punched the wall so much it started to break and her knuckles started to bleed. "some body" she said starting to cry "take me out of this misery! somebody just care about me just one person!" she cried "just one" she whispered "please just one" she said under her breath as she slammed her back into the wall and slid down to her curling, hugging knee's phase. "sari... liri.. haru... raph... shoden... kip just sombody release me of my curse" she said knocking her head on the wall again this time from behind! "thats i i damn want!" she yelled "just somebody listen to me!" she screeched in anger and the darkness grew on her arms as her beauty started to fade...

((yay! ok rly somebody like you know make a stroy that involves this... if not then beware because i'll use it on our rpg! lol grrr xp ))

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commentCommented on: Sun Jan 08, 2006 @ 04:43am
Grace has some serious issues. She really needs somebody to love her.

commentCommented on: Sun Jan 08, 2006 @ 04:51am
stare no duh....

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Jan 09, 2006 @ 01:56am
But she could try to take more interest in people stare If one does not try, one does not succeed.

commentCommented on: Thu Jan 12, 2006 @ 09:13pm
what do you mean by interest!

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