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think of the impossible....
the fate of inuyasha in a girls sanctuary
((this is an original in my fanfict hope you enjoy))
she had been reayd for a couple of weeks but naraku made sure her anger had simmered enough toward inuyasha for her to kill him. Areina set her pack of different mystic Arrows on her back as she awaited Naraku for there journey.. now that kagome and Ami were gone this was perfect. the three protectors first then the others. "are you ready?" Naraku said and in answer Areina gave him a stare which made him laugh. they walked on till they hear the demon Inuyasha's voice and then she paused. "as we planned" Naraku calmly said and the both jumped in a tree. "where could she be?" Miroku said tapping his staff on the ground as they called out both Kagome and Ami's name. Naraku laughed harshly and that made Inuyasha's ears perked up. as he looked behind him to see Naraku standing there and Inuyahsa growled "how could i have not sensed you?!" Inuyasha growled . "a gift given to me..." Naraku said "time has come inuyasha for your end!" Naraky said with a grusom grin "yeah right!" inuyasha said unsheathing his sword "notby me though i wish it was but your blood is now owned by your friend...." he said moving aside and right when he did an arrow flew glowing green it hit inuyasha pearcing the skin by his heart and in shock and surprise his eyes grew wide. there she stood the tiny thirteen year old figure of the once so sweet Areina. "wh- I.." he fell un conscous and the tree grew over him quickly. Naraku laughed once again and disapeared.

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