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These walls I've built to keep everyone out...
All I've done is lock myself in.
Dreams of Oblivion
On the edge of a sidewalk stood a lifeless girl. Her dull brown eyes stared blankly at the road in front of her. Cars were zooming by, blowing her ebony black hair as they passed and, occasionally, a car would honk as they approached, as if warning her that she was too close to the road. Still she stood there, unmoving and unattached to the world around her.

Tightly held in her hand was a silver chained necklace. It held memories of great happiness, of great sadness, of weakness and of strength. She's held onto that necklace ever since the first day she received it. Whenever she was sad or lonely... all she had to do was touch that precious gift... and she would find the strength to carry on. But now... all she wanted to do was throw it away.

"You said you would never leave me..." She whispered, her words practically inaudible and it was hard to tell if her lips were moving at all. Her voice, carried off into the wind and drowned out by the sound of the busy street behind her.

"You said you would always be there..."

A few glances were shot at her direction as people passed. They too noticed her standing a bit too close to the road. Not only that but she was slowly leaning towards it. People who stood idly watched her carefully, curious to see if something interesting would happen, phones out and ready. But even with the obvious signs, no one bothered to come to her. No one bothered to ask what was wrong. Then again, she wasn't expecting anyone to do so.

She was once again... Alone.

"When you said forever... Did you really mean it...?" She whispered, tears filling her eyes and blurring her vision.

"Or was it so I'd love you..."

[More to be added]

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