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Character Name (Full):Kero
Nickname: The Wolf of the Rice Wine / Monty
Character age:21
Shinobi Class: Element / bloodline / Weapon User
Known Elements:Earth, Fire, Lighting, Water, Wind
Description of Character: has cybernetics arms, red cape tattoos on right side of the face symbolizing an ox like creature but cover in bandage wrapping to not show his face only with one eye hole showing everyone who looks the color of skin but hair color shown of mid brown hair color.
Bio: Has no memories of his past doesn't remember his family member. Currently a Man for hire looking for any action even if it a suicide mission. As long as he has fun he'll do any mission as long as he get paid if not he'll seek vegenace
Village: Rock village
Missions complete:
Experience: Restricted Access
Rank: KAGE
Signature Jutsu(s):
Kekkei Genkai: Restricted Access
*Picture of character:

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