Morbius Mexin


╫Main Information╫

Full Name: Morbius Mexin
Nicknames: blue lighting, soap disher
Age: 18
Birthdate: 12/26/
Gender: Male
Village Kumogakure
Race: Caucasian
Rank: academy student
Shinobi Profession:
Ninja Type/Class:

╫Major Infomation╫

Bloodline/Clan/Demon: n/a
Current Bloodline Stage: n/a
Chakra Color: Gamboge
Chakra Level: High, Medium or Low
no bloodline or demon = low
Clan/Bloodline or Cursed seal or Lesser Demon= Medium
Main Demon or Soul demon and clan/bloodline leader= High
Chakra Element: You start off with one element, then get a second one at chuunin, and a third at jounin. If you have a combination release bloodline then you start with the two elements that are necessary for your bloodline and of course the combination element, but you won't get another element until jounin (ex: someone with hyouton starts off with wind, water and ice as their starting elements, at chuunin they get no new element, but at jounin they get to pick a third base element)

Battle Strength: clever,perceptive,strategist and tactician
Battle Weakness:noise making, loud mouth

Fights Won: 0<How many you won>
Fights Lost: 0<how Many you lost>

Shinobi Special Skills:
1. <Speacil Skill's unique to you more info check Custom Techniques and abilities>

-Completed Missions-
S Rank:
A Rank:
B Rank:
C Rank:
D Rank:

<At the start you will not be apart of any organization>

╫Summoning infomation╫

Summoning Type: <summon Weapons or Animal's>
Boss Summoning: <Your Summon>


╫Shinobi Equipment Information:╫

Headband Location: forehead
Headband Style:
Headband Color: dark blue
Flack Jacket Style: Anti-terror
Flak Jacket Color: green

Weapon Class:<Weapon u use if any>

Name of Weapon:
Weapon Range:
Special Abilities:
Weapon Location:

Exploding Smoke Grenade= 5
Makibishi= 25
Shuriken= 16
Light Bombs= 7

Kunai Holster Location: side pocket
Kunai Holster Color: blue
Shuriken and Bomb Holster Location: back pocket
Shuriken and Bomb Holster Color: blue
Backpack Style: Long Trail 90 Suspension Pack
Backpack Color: grey
Summoning Scroll Holster Location: side lower pockets
Summoning Scroll Holster Color: grey


╫Technique List╫

Starting jutsu
*Henge No Jutsu (Transformation Technique)
*Kawarimi No Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)
*Bunshin no jutsu (clone technique)




Taijutsu Style(s)


╫Character Description╫
as Morbius Mexin childhood growing up he was a bit bullied by his brother for actin like a whimp a lot. so they pretty much made his life a living hell for him growing up trying to toughen him up a bit. so he wouldnt get killed out in the real world. as his age came to be he didnt have much friends expect for hanging out with the local cooks trying to pick up a cooking skill. as he was working his way up the cooking way his cooking life came to end when a fateful day his master cook died. as morbius was out gettin supply he cameback to find that his cook was dead. angry and sad he decided to put down his apron and take a oath of vengence to find the culprit. so he enlisted into the ninja academy to work his way up and learn deadly techniques while trying to find the man who killed his master.

Personality:Calm, openminded, A bit girly
Nindo: What does hurt now will hurt in few minutes
Height: 5,11 .5
Weight: 180
Original Eye Color: green


╫Background Information╫
Note the man doesnt kneel before anybody expect for his dead master pot of ash as he pray to it for spiritual guideiness.