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Scar got bored..
Oh baby. ;D
OC Art!
Name: Dovasary [Call me Dove] Nizie

Age: 14

Species: Half-faerie

Appearance: She has exotic red eyes with no pupils, but she is not demonic. She has a sort of tragic, exotic beauty, with china-doll skin and raven black hair worn in two choppy pigtails. She is tall and slim, but she's still a bit curvy, and has pointed ears. She has small, black, feathered wings that seem to glow slightly. She wears black and white striped stockings the reach her thighs, and worn red Converse shoes. She wears a short, ruffled black dress with a bright red hoodie over it, and she wears a small lacey black choker with a blue gem in the center.

Personality: Dove is very shy, until you get to know her. She loves to sit in nature, and read, write, or sing. When she is indoors, she usually plays her piano.

Full Body By: Squallette
Full Body By: xkatarima
Hair reference
Eye reference
Choker reference [except the flower is blue]

Name: Zephyr Altus

Age: 14

Species: Elf

Appearance: Zephyr has a softly angled face, with sapphire blue, almond-shaped eyes that slant upward at the corners. Her eyes almost resemble a cat's. Her lashes are thick, long, and dark. Her skin is creamy white, and her fiery red hair hangs in ringlets down to her shoulders, although she occasionally wears them in an updo. She likes to dress in a Lolita/Victorian style with French influences, with lots of lace. Zephyr is rarely caught without a skirt. She is tall compared to a human, but shorter than most elves. She has a slender, but muscular build. Her ears are pointed, and her lips are quite full.

Personality: Zephyr can lost patience easily, but generally is a loyal friend. She is very sly and sneaky, however.

Full Body By: DiGi_Rin
Headshot By: Me!
Full Body By: Me!
Legless! By: XxdesolatelovexX
Hair and clothing
Clothing [I went a little overboard, but choose anything!]:
Eye color
Eye color/shape

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