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D: Halloween so soon !
Something Note worthy :< ...hur

It's the last day of my 4-day long weekened again. Got Math homework and Randolf homework all done :] Isn't that wonderful ^ ^
I was modeling something based off of NYC for the materials and lighting class. Unfortunately though it is a Maya 2010 file, so my Maya 2008 wont be able to read it.
Fortunately, my Maya 2008 license will be expiring soon, so I'll be updating it with the new Maya if it's available at the student store. I'm happy that the fur-water and stuff features are implemented in this new version as a default. D: I gotta play around with it.

I guess that wasn't too note worthy.

- On the gaming side of things -

So I paid to reactivate my iRO account so I could play on Loki with Ebi, and omigwad, Joosh is playing again too at long last? Got to base level 80 on my Spear Sader. She's actually pretty awesome. Didn't think it'd go so well.
Before getting talked into paying to reactivate the account though, I started playing on my own on those characters I never touched after the Valkyrie server launched.
So I've been playing as "Fianna" (woot for having gotten first name), my little swordswoman now. I don't know why, but there is a joy to playing all by myself. It's like I get to know the game better, as well as understand my character's build even a whole lot better.
Unlike on Loki though, this Fifi wont be a spear sader, but a regular typical GC sader, like my very first character on Anima/Anthem RO. I don't know what to do with either once I get to pally though.
For sure sure, I do one one to be a Shield/GC pally, or perhaps a Shield/Gospel and other cool stuff pally. I love shield btw. Shield Chain is love <3

So little fifi is now currently lvl 39/29 on valk. I started using her not too long ago either. Can't believe I got this far on my own and in that short time D:
I hope to become sader soon. Dunno how imma pull off the required items for the quest though. Maybe someone on the server will be nice enough to lend me a hand.
I got lucky today while working on some monster hunting quests ^ ^
I found slotted slippers and slotted hood :]
D: Now to find cards to put into them. o 3o I need better armor and a better weapon.

- In console gaming -
I have not found too much time for...though I guess my RO time should be console time...buuut, I like my PC lots ^ ^;;
I have still been playing that kingdom hearts game. It's sooooo much gone into the laaame, but whatever. I'm happy to be progressing.
DDR's another thing too. I can now do a few heavy and standard songs and like not feel fatigue that wont let me play past one song. o..o I am proud. Y e s.
My reflex has also somewhat come back to me as well. I can almost move with as much ease as I used to back in my prime. This is a good thing. I don't know why. I just always liked being good at the game.
Lastly, SoliaOnline. Another avatar site.
I'm having more fun there than with Menewsha. ;D I took the name Merlin there, although my main is still Veiss Wynd.
Merlin's cool though D: So I'm happy. Russ seems happy with it too, but I think his avy is still the nekkies . ^ .

May add more as day progresses, but for now, that's all that's on my mind...sort of.
Considering jobs too, for hire as an artist/designer. Found a few.

Team Rocket Costumes almost done. Pretty much done with Russ's. Just need that whole belt thing for us. He looks better without a hat. Need pictures o..o

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