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Ravings of a (somewhat) sane man.
Public Opinion
Today while I was brushing my teeth I noticed that while I like my hair long and it looks more like an emo rocker's hairstyle than a bum mullet and half the people I talk to like the way it looks, I realized that the other half of people disapprove of long poofy hair on males and it is a rarely seen style on people above the ages of 22 though this can also be attributed to whether or not they can hold a job. Upon realizing that my head mop is typically a turnoff for prospective employers I began to consider getting a haircut but to be honest the jobs I want don't require a haircut unless the person doing the interviews and hiring is so stupid they can't see past what they really want in an employee.
Typically when someone hires a person they expect them to be competent enough to get the job done without running to the person in charge every ten minutes or less because they don't know how to do anything more complex than change their diapers because it might not be up to the company's standards. What they don't consider is where that person will be during the majority of the time they're working there. If the person is going to be locked up in a back room to sit at a computer all day instead of going out to socialize with people at the water cooler over the latest BSU game then why should whether or not they know how to trim their hair and shave their eyebrows be any real concern? Or is it the other way around?
In any case, why hire someone with the fact of whether they look like a magazine model or Quasimodo make a difference when they will be sitting at a computer all day anyway? Hire the troll faced person for all I care. You won't be seeing them unless you go by the door to watch them come in and out during either end of their shift. If they don't produce good work results it won't matter whether they bought their clothes from the Gap or dug them out of the dumpster from Savers. They will still get fired either way unless they sleep with the right people because they'd rather get fired because of a sex scandal rather than be told they're incompetent.
Though it should still be noted that whether or not you remember to shower before coming to work makes a major difference. They might not be able to see you on the other end of the building, but they sure as hell don't want to smell you.

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