wrapped around my head a breakable nuse

sitting here alone waiting for your call
writting down my thoughts as broken as they seem
thinking of your wherever you are
wondering if youre thinking of me too
i have forgotten what is real
what is fake?
i have fallen for you this is true
ive held on to every word i write so tight
for i write them for you
its strange how i feel this way
i told myself never again.
but something about you drew me close
took me over the edge compelled to protect and love you
you saved me as i vanished to the end
no one else finds me
i have only come here seaking you
places i know i wouldnt see you before
youve seen the best in me that i sold
i use to be the one no one knew
but i wouldnt of changed this way if it wernt for you
thank you
if this is love then fairy tails never came true
trees are black with full bloom
and i died in the womb
this is the part of growing up
with every dream covered in dents
everything is empty silence here tonight
get some rest
ill be sleepless
as for me ill be just fine
whats faith if i cant belive youre everything i care about
when i make it a disease.