gaze into my empty eyes
cradle my decaying heart
im lost in the coma
you have something else in mind
you think my words arent true
pull the trigger you know you want to
my words are falling upon deaf ears
come on darkness
im waiting for you to come take me away
im not much to you anymore
im just the way you made me
wanna know what lifes like bleeding on the floor?
if this is what you want pull the trigger.
bury me and ill fade to black
and all the things you never told me
and all the smiles that will never hug me
all the wounds that have ever scarred me
yours was the deapest.
it isnt that much fun starring down a loaded gun
if you want ill keep on crying.
i never wanted to let you down
or have you gone
what will it take to show u that its not what it seems
for the last time TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK.