Most of you by now know i got accepted to go to costa rica by Mr.Taylor i've been cleaning the schools every morning before 7AM in order to go. it hasnt been to bad the only thing thats absolutly gross is the girls bathroom. despite my fear of leaving for a month not able to keep in touch with my friends (i just dont want to lose any of them) im still really excited to go. its a opertunity of a life time to be able to go to another country and see how they live. i will be gone after june 12 sometime im unsure of the date specificly but it will be after i take my spring term at LCC.
This year so far has really presented me with opertunities i thought i would never have. when i went to Willamette they always told me, "you cant do this, you cant do that, your not going to graduate if you keep this up. theres nothing we can do for you sorry. i was getting D's and C's and it seemed like the teachers never cared i was just another kid there with no face in their mind. so i took a summer school over at Kalapuya high school, i met a teacher named Mr. Zublin who helped me better understand english and he made it as entertaining as possible with all his little jokes as corny as they maybe got me through english passing. this year i took world studies a subject that use to be my least favorite its one i always without a fail fail it, dont get me wrong i love to see the world and other people in it how they live and the history of them but i could never get intrested the way the teacher pressented it but here not only did i pass it but i got an A! a freaking A! to be honest if i had not taken summer school i would not be here right now. im not sure where i would be. willamette was just not the place for me it was like middle school all over again. since ive been to kalapuya ive been to seattle washington for a weekend, skiiing, hiking places i havent been to, rafting twice and now im going to costa rica as well as college! college is the one place i thought id never be able to go because financial issues and what not but here i am.
I turn 18 this February 24th, thats another thing im excited about. i guess the only thing that will change is i am now able to see NC17 rated movies, porn, buy cigs, drive, claim to be an adult, vote, and get a peircing or tattoos. since i dont smoke or watch porn the only real fun benifit of being 18 is getting a tattoo and peircing. so i decided for my 18th birthday i want to get a tattoo i have made my final decision in what i am going to get. it will be a under0ATH tattoo. i choose this over the FMA and the trivium for my first tattoo because as all of you know i love under0ATH with a passion nothing is going to change that i dont care if they arent metal enough for you or whatever maybe the case in why u hate them but ive liked them since i was practically 8-ish around there i love all their songs and i dont mean to be clique but their music really has inspired me to do a lot with my life they helped me through middle school and when im alone in my room in all honesty they mean a lot to me regardless of them being a christian band the music is still inspirational to me. it will be the logo of the first album i ever heard of them, cries of the past, ill get it on my wrist. im still going to get the trivium dagger with the symbol above it and the FMA logo, along with the zelda tattoo but that will be for another time.