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Short Stories by ME
I will write short stories... some I may not finish in one post. But yeah LOL
Not A Story
Emi hiked through the woods trying to find her friends. She had accidentally wandered off that path they were on. She didn't even know why. Her feet seemed to have a mind of their own or something. But she assumed she got back on the right path. They were supposed to be camping. Well at this point everyone in the small group of three had gotten separated. So right on schedual. Except it sucked when you were the one al by yourself.

"Emi!" Tina yelled. "Emi! Come on!" and that was Joey (her real name is Jocelyn but we call her Joey). Emi smiled that she finally found her friends and ran up to the two girls waiting for her. "Yay! Finally found ya!" Tina said and gave Emi a big hug. "What happened back there?" Joey asked and put her arms around Emi's shoulders and Tina's and kinda hung, but not all her weight. Joey was the smallest of the group.

"I don't know. I just kinda was in my own 'world' and wasn't really paying attention I guess. How about you, little miss always-the-first-to-get-lost-after-five-minutes-into-the-hike?" Emi asked. "Yeah, Tina!" Joey said. "She meant you Joey!" and Emi nodded. "Uh...." Joey said. "Oh look! Let's stop there!" Joey ran off in front of us to a nice spot to stop. Emi and Tina rolled their eyes and ran after her.

"I'll start the fire!" Tina yelled. "No I will!" Joey argued. Emi rolled her eyes and said, "Joey, Tina gets to start the fire because 1: You did it last time and 2: It took forever last time and it's getting dark." Tina ran over to where she and Joey had put their backpacks. They were at one of those little platforms with the giant slanted roofs. Kinda like a little hut. Emi couldn't remember what they were called but they had a fireplace and uh... yeah that's it.

Emi put her backpack with the other two and pulled her cell out of the little pouch she stuck it in. 4 new text messages. She read them. All but one was from Facebook. The other one was from her boyfriend. He wanted her to call him. Instead she sent him a quick text. Camping with Tina & Joey. Back Sunday Afternoon. Talk to you then. then she sent the text.

"Hey! No boyfriends! No communication with other people!" yelled Joey. "Except parents!" Tina added because obviously Joey didn't remember that part. "Right... Hey Emi, it's your turn to get firewood!" Joey reminded her. "Yeah I know. I'll go do that." Emi tried to put her her brown curls in a pony tail. They were long but they aways looked the same because they would CURL. Emi put her cell in her pocket and went to find a bunch of sticks. She found a few really long ones that they could break up to whatever size they needed them to be and then she found lots of normal sticks.

She was heading back with all the... what's the word? Kindiling? Okay yeah Kindiling. All the kindiling they would need for now. She could always go back with a flashlight if she needed to. The sun was setting and it looked really pretty behind the trees. She stopped and looked at it for a little bit. Then she remembered they needed to make a fire before it got dark. Crap! She turned and walked back to the campsite. She ran into someone. "Meep!" She said when she dropped the sticks all over the place. "Meep?" The voice came from behind her. "Aren't we looking for a human? This is a meep." It sounded like a 12-year-old... Emi looked behind her and saw it was a boy who did look like a 12-year-old.

Emi looked back to the person she ran into. It was a girl about 16 she guessed. So about her own age. The girl giggled and said to Emi, "Hello. Meep. We're. Looking. For. Human. Girl." She said separating the words and saying them loudly. "I am a human girl. You just scared me." Emi said trying to gather up the sticks again.

"Is your name Emi?" The boy behind her asked. "Yeah... why?" Emi asked slowly. "Oh hi! Yeah uh... we have to go..." The girl said. "Excuse me? I'm not going with you! You're a coupleof strangers... and it's kinda creepy that you know my name..." Emi said, got up, and ran away.

Emi carefully manuvered her way back to the campsite in the now darkness. She found lights coming from their flashlights and heard Joey talking. "Hey! Shine those lights over here so I can see!" Tina and Joey shot the lights toward Emi. "Not AT ME!" Emi yelled and squinted. They lowered the lights so she could get back to them. "What happened this time? Get lost again?" Tina asked and grabbed a bunch of sticks and started lighting the fire when Emi dumped all the sticks on the ground. "Yeah, I guess I did." Emi lied. No way was she telling them what really happened.

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    Immortal Cynicism
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    commentCommented on: Thu Dec 31, 2009 @ 09:29pm
    WOW! That was effing amazing! Holy crap! Keep writing or I will... do something! Not sure what but I will! No, kidding. But really, write more!

    commentCommented on: Thu Dec 31, 2009 @ 09:34pm
    Seriously? You liked it that much? Thanks! blaugh I'll write more. I promise! Want me to let you know when I write it?

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