Joey was on her phone all morning with her mom. "Yeah okay... Okay... Fine... Bye." And she finally hung up and turned to Tina and Emi who were finishing up making breakfast. "Wanna try this camping thing again next weekend?" She asked. "What did you do this time?" Emi asked, knowing Joey she got in trouble for something. "I didn't do a thing this time! My uncle died. I didn't know this guy but I gotta go to the funeral. So yeah..."

They all decided they would just sleep over at Tina's house the next weekend and started packing up they're stuff after eating breakfast. And since they didn't want someone getting lost this time they linked arms and tried hiking back like that. Not a great idea to have three girls link arms on a path that one or two people can fit going across. Emi actually ran into a tree when she wasn't looking. After a bit they made it back in one piece and got back to Joey's house.

They said good-bye to Joey and then stopped at Tina's house and Emi was left alone to go to her house. Her being alone during the trip made her paranoid. She could see her house now and saw her neighbors weren't home so she made herself a shortcut and darted across their front yard and into her own and into the house. Her brother had a friend over. Oh goody. Emi thought.

The two boys mustn't have noticed her. Their eyes didn't move off the TV screen. They were playing Halo on the Xbox. Emi dropped her backpack on the floor with a loud thump. No they didn't move yet. Emi loved trying to get their attention. It was hard but amusing, trying to get two 15-year-old boys' attention from a blood-filled gory game. Emi took a pillow off the couch and put it in front of her brother's face.

He tried to look around it but once he was successful he drowned in a lake of green gross water. He hit the 'pause' button and turned to Emi. "What?" He asked in an annoyed tone. "Uh...." Emi said pretending like she had something to say to him. "Don't remember. But oh look! You died!" then she turned around to find her mom. Two seconds after turning her back on the two boys they were already really back into the game and she rolled her eyes. Emi looked in her baby sister's room (who was only a year old). She was gnawing on her teddy bear's ear when Emi walked in. She made a happy noise and held her arms up to Emi indicating she wanted to be held. "Okay. How are you doin', Cassie?"

Emi walked into the room with the desktop and her mothers bins and bins of yarn. Yeah her mom was a really enthusiastic knitter. And her mom was doing Photoshop with some pictures that she had Emi take of her in her knitted projects. "Hey. Back early."

"Yeah I heard Joey's uncle died. Jake's here." Emi's mother said. "Yeah I saw. Him and Mike are playing Halo. And before you ask I did try to get their attention off the TV. Plan D because that one never gets used." Emi laughed. "Uh huh." Emi just turned around and went into her room with Cass and sat on the floor with her. Cass played with the bear by throwing it back and forth with Emi. Emi tossed it to her sister and looked out the window.

She opened her window, and leaned on the windowsill and stuck her head out. There on the roof of the back porch was the girl and boy from before. Now she was just having fun with this even though they were creepy weirdos who apparently were now stalking her. "You're kidding me." She said to them. "Uh.... no." The girl said. "Okay well you do know that you are now at the point of stalking. Plus it'd take a little while to explain to my brother and his friend and even my mother why there are three strangers on our roof."

A boy a little older than Emi stepped out from under the roof so they could see him. "So you saw me?" He called up. "Not that hard!" Emi called back. Cass made a noise from behind Emi. Emi turned around and saw that Cass was ready to throw her bear out the window but hit the wall. "Cass we don't attempt to throw things at people..."

"Please. You creepy stalkers. Go away." Emi said turning back to them. "We told you you had to come with us." the younger boy said. "Oh right... bye." Emi said starting to close her window. The older boy had stopped her. Wait... hadn't he been on the ground a second ago? Down... not on the roof. Emi jumped back. She picked up Cass and said to the teens just outside her window, "What. The. Crap?!"

~~~To be continued!~~~