Emi and Joey were stuck with the job of holding the flashlights so Tina could get the fire started. About 15 minutes later she got it burning, 5 minutes later it was bright enough that they could sit down and turn off the flashlights. The entire time Joey was bugging Emi about what had took so long and they got worried and everything.

"Oh my gosh! Joey! Stop!" Tina finally said saving both her and Emi from Joey's constant babble. "We get it! Let's just forget about it and move on!"

"Okay... " Joey said. "Finally! Okay so what now?" Tina asked Emi. "I've got a deck of cards. If we need more light we've got our flashlights." She suggested. "Yeah sounds good." Joey said.

They played cards, truth or dare (they were all horrible at playing truth or dare which always made them crack up), they put on Emi's iPod and took turns dancing around and finally fell asleep around midnight.

Emi woke up early the next morning, hearing something moving around. Probably a squirrel or something. Emi yawned and looked on either side of her at Tina and Joey. She slipped out of her sleeping bag and slipped on her shoes and a jacket. Emi silently got out her cell and checked it. Nothing new.

Emi sighed and sliped her cell back in it's pocket, wrote a note out for her friends telling them that she would be back soon, and went for a walk. Emi was still half asleep so she couldn't really realize she was going the same way she went the night before. She walked farther and got to a little creek and a small bridge. She was stopped by the boy from before.

He held up a hand indicationg she should stop. "Stop! Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three. There the other side he see." he said trying to imitate the old man from scene 24 from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Yeah... Emi knew that.

Emi rolled her eyes. "I'm not afraid blah blah blah. What are the questions blah blah blah." She said sadly encouraging it. Decided might as well have fun... and obviously not thinking. "What... is your name?" He asked. "I am Emi Heart." She answered.

"What... is your quest?"
"To get to the other side of this 'Bridge of Death' and back."
"What... is your favorite color?"
"Purple." Emi said in an annoyed tone. The boy stepped aside and said, "Okay you may go." Emi walked over the bridge and turned back to go back to the campsite. "Stop! Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three. There the other side he see." the boy said again. Emi crossed her arms. "I'm not afraid; Emi Heart; To get to the other side of this bridge and go back to my friends; And do you mean African or Eurpoean?" She answered before letting him ask the questions. "No fun!" He said and jumped into the creek.

Emi stared at the boy standing in the creek. "Right..." She muttered and once again crossed the bridge and headed back. She looked back real quick and saw that the boy wasn't alone anymore. The girl was with him now. And they were both watching her. "Please!" She yelled at Emi. "You have to come with us!"

"No!" Emi yelled and ran off. She could hear the girl yelling after her, "We'll have to use force and-" Then she was too far away to hear. She ran back and decided she wasn't going anywhere alone out here. There were weird creeps out here.

Thankfully Emi had made it back before Tina or Joey woke up. She took the note off her sleeping back and hid it in her backpack then pretended to go back to sleep and waited for one of them to wake the heck up.

~~To be continued!~~