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Musings I have nothing important to say, usually. I hardly keep up with blogs, so I don't know if I will with this one. Oh well?

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When they start the love machine and I can love again, I'll remember what it was

Morning! At least that's the time it is where I am, typing away, punching keys that are sending electric signals to the computer to show these letters. There letters which, when carefully placed, create words, and then can go on to create sentences of a meaningless nature.


I have work soon, not very excited. Going to visit my girlfriend, Martine, at her school on her lunch break. If the weather doesn't kill me, first. It's raining, it's miserable out, but I will trudge through with my giant rainbow umbrella for her.

I'm going to try to keep up with this, post a poem maybe. Ah, I guess I should explain. At one point I was writing all the time, s**t hit the fan and I kinda (totally) stopped writing. Martine has been encouraging me to write again. My conclusion is that, since I don't know many people on here, I don't have to feel awkward about posting my stuff here. I'm open to criticism and the like, so long as you actually know what the ******** you're saying. Some are written in the middle of the night when I wake from a bad dream and scribble just to get it out of my head. Some are just done because I had a concept in my mind. Regardless, they are my words. They may seem worthless, and they might be to you, but for me? Words are my motivation. Words can make or break a person. Saying the wrong words could ruin your day, be it a misunderstanding or being overheard. Words are everything. I love words.

The sun is so warm
I lie by your side
with your camera
I see dreams written
up in the clouds
I close my eyes
I feel your warmth
I open my eyes
and feel a cool breeze
You are still by my side
stars are telling me to dream
You take my hand back
to our bed
Where we dream together
nestled close, side by side
Your breath is so warm

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