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Musings I have nothing important to say, usually. I hardly keep up with blogs, so I don't know if I will with this one. Oh well?

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Follow me now and you will not regret, leaving the life you led before we met

Yeah, yeah, it's been like a week, whatever. Be glad I think of this, though i'm shitty at it.

So, what have I been up to? Working, mostly. Martine got a job at the mall, so I see her far more often, since she had no school last week. She'd come downtown early and I would lurk around with her, lunch, and (no lie) really exhibitionist sex a few times. No details for you here, sorry. Don't think Martine will like that I said that we had said, honestly. We have, it's the location. It can be really scheevy, but it's a rarity for us, to do anything more than kissing outside of a bedroom.

She gave me her external hard drive, this week, to put The L Word on it for her. I haven't really seen much, and she wanted it so we could watch the series together, etc. She has a mac, I have a pc. I accidentally erased her whole drive. Her father was able to get it all back, thankfully, but was glaring at me the entire time. It was scary. -He wasn't actually mad at me, just a, "that was a really stupid mistake"-way.

What elseeee. Went to the greasy diner in town one night after work with Krysten, Dan and Martine. Had a milkshake. It was amazing. So, so, so good at 9:30 at night. Krysten and Dan gave us the idea. Next entry, I promise to explain who knows who.

I shall wrap this up soon. On the last note, though, Nutella. Ohhh, Nutella. I love it. The creamy blend of hazelnut, skim milk and chocolate is beyond words. So smooth, flavorful, amazing. I often eat it on toast in the morning. Martine, though, can never experience this joy. She is allergic to nuts. Very allergic to them. I don't eat Nutella if I know I'll be seeing her, or I'll brush my teeth a total of no less than 3 times in a row to make sure it's no longer there. This brought something to my attention, though. Were her and I to stay together, forever, I can't have Nutella anymore. Ever. Unless I wanted to kill her, or she somehow stopped being allergic to nuts. It's a tough choice, and I know I'll make the right one in the end.

Through the glares and sideways glances
There is something that I fear
It is in these very moments
That I hold you dear
My soul has been quite wounded
Covered in black and blue
The healing seemed to start
Shortly after knowing you
Life is getting beautiful again
Though nothing can compare
To those small moments
That you and I share
The sweetness of your laughter
And the song in your voice
Have led me to believe
That you are the very best choice

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