Which style/label do you wear?
I call it "Poor teenage bum that loaders around at your local 7-11"
Just kidding, I just wear whatever XD
Mostly stuff from Forever 21, Target and Kohls

Normal for me would be: a Hoodie, jeans, tennis shoes, and some sort of T-shirt
(( Mostly bands and Invader zim : /))

My Nice:
Tshirt or dress shirt ((sold colors or cute designs)) Skirt, Leggings, High-Heel boots.

My really nice <3:
Beautiful sophisticated jacket from Forever 21, Dark nice jeans, High-heel boots

Which style/label do you wish you could wear?
pretty steam punk things
something fancy or victorian

Which style/label/store do you love?
I love??
Oh gosh well
Forever 21
thats really it XD

Which style/label/store do you hate?
Ambercombie, Aeropostle, Holster, Hot topic, what most children my age are wearing. And Wally-world :/

Which style/label are you wearing right now?
Devil-Horn hoodie, Plaid Pj pants (there hot pink black and white heart ) Marilyn Monroe T-shirt that my mom got from a t-shirt pawn shop XD

What? It's spring break, it's not like a wear these things in public ((Just the hoodie and T-shirt lol))

Which style/label do you wish would return?
My green Old Navy sweater my mom just got for me.