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zomg this be the header XP
About Sally
Sally Everheart- About Steampunk Sally heart
Sally Everheart is the daughter of the former grand duchess of Durem and the famous pirate thief "The Golden Smuggler". After her mother's affair with her father, her mother was disowned by her family. Still her mother lived happily with her father in a cottage by the ocean. Her sisters are Sadie Everheart and Sai Everheart.

Sally is the youngest in her family and because of that she often gets herself into trouble. Sally looks up to her older sister Sadie, since Sadie herself taught Sally useful skills ((Such as pick pocketing, how to gamble, ect.)) Although Sadie gets a bit irritated with Sally's constant questions and bringing herself into trouble,((Which Sally normally finds a away to drag Sadie or Sai into the trouble)) Sadie still loves Sally as a sister.

Sally and Sai often get off on the wrong foot. They, like typical sisters, bicker and fight every week or so. Sally doesn't see Sai as her older sister, she sees her more as a younger sister because of Sai's reckless nature. However the two can be seen walking down the ports together. Both Sai and Sally love imported items sold at the ports, they often go to buy tea leaves or sugary sweets ((Sally often gets sweets, Sai isn't as fond of them as Sally is.)) Regardless of there constant bickering, Sai and Sally care about each other and love each other as sisters very much.

Because they live near the ocean, Sally often finds herself at the ports. She's constantly haggling and smuggling unlucky pirates and sailors out of there money. ((She cheats when she plays poker XD)) Most newbe sailors are warned about Sally and to avoid her at all costs, unfortunately all Sally has to do is bat her long eyelashes and well they just can't say no to her.

Sally longs to go out to sea and become a pirate, (( She's pretty naive so she doesn't know about a pirates rough life-style, she just thinks you gamble and get drunk XD)) or travel the world as a merchant. Her second alternative sounds more likely.

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SteamPunk Sadie
Community Member

Fri Apr 16, 2010 @ 11:01pm

Everheart...I've just found Sadie's last name! Yay!
Actually....Sadie(and Sally...and sai) was a character I added to my story about pirates.
The crew goes like this:
Captain: Toliven -something- Harper....I think
Vice Captain- Sadie Everheart (OMG I LOOOOVE their last name! <3)
Gunner/Repair person- Kitty Punkette
Cook-Collin Steamer
Crew(or just people who's jobs I can't remember...)
Sally Everheart

Some Awesome Allies:
Malice Alice and her crew.
I'll do all there Bio's later...XD

Steampunk Sally
Community Member

Fri Apr 16, 2010 @ 11:11pm

Glad you think so :3
The Sai part wasn't there before but I added it anyway >.>
Malice Alice
God that sounds bad a**!
And yeah Glad you love the last name :,D
You should write one for Sadie :3

User Comments: [2]
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