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zomg this be the header XP
What Kinda person?

So I was changing my username (this time it cost me 40,000g) and this idea for a topic came to me.

Who were/are you in the gaian community?

I'm sure each forum has figureheads, lurkers etc.. but I want to know who you think you are and/or were (alternatively you can compare both). Seems to me that over time most of us grow into a different kind of gaian than what we were to begin with.

I can see how this could be considered labeling but hey, it's you that's labeling yourself. Be reasonable. I'm not sure 'GODOFSEX' is realistic here.

Help for those that don't understand my failure of an explanation.

Who were you when you started Gaia?
Who are you now?
Username changes?
Comparisons between now and then.

Saw this in the GCD must fill out.... OwO

Who were you when you started Gaia?

Ari_Chu14, A newb who earned/ spent gaia gold fast and never had any items in her inventory cause she was to busy selling them to get better avatars.

Who are you now?
Steampunk Sally- A nub that wastes gold on gifts for friends and is to lazy to go out and buy gaia cash.

Username changes?
HOLY s**t! Hell yeah

Cherrie Pie X3
Sweet Dollfie
Strangled Moon
Steampunk Sally
Radioactive TarTarSauce

Then back to

Steampunk Sally

I swear I spent about 150k in username changes. :/

Comparisons between now and then.
More Mature
Doesn't like selling stuff anymore XD
Made about 2,945,742 gaia gold from selling items (( I lost it all too. D: ))
Lurks in the GCD instead of the LD
Spent over 2mil on about 200 different avatars (( I'm guessing the avatar part XD ))

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SteamPunk Sadie
Community Member

Fri Apr 16, 2010 @ 10:26pm


Let's see I was...
Beware of Moody
Shattered Phenomenon
And now...
Steampunk Sadie
biggrin DDD

I used to be Uber n00b
now i'm a serious lurker...>.>

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