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These walls I've built to keep everyone out...
All I've done is lock myself in.
Don't fight... you'll only get hurt.
_____Its weird... I've never met him... I've never held his hand or looked into his eyes to see if he was lying or not... I trusted him. I believed and held onto every single word he said to me because... because I wasn't afraid to fall...

_____He's so far and yet so close to me. I could feel warm even though his arms are not around me. I always find myself searching for him when he's not here... and when he is, I want him all to myself.

...am I in love?

_____Yes, I love him... but... but like that? No, no, no, no, no... Its not supposed to be like that. Stupid little heart, you've become weak again... Didn't I already warn you? Haven't you been hurt enough?

I'm not afraid to fall.

_____I can already see the many problems I have to deal with if I go down this road... I can't forget about the role I play on the battlefield. I'm not supposed to be messing around while it isn't my turn to move.

...damned to be ...a sacrifice...

_____I can't get careless now. No matter how much I want to tell him with all my heart how I feel... I just can't. The walls that separate us and the people that stand in my way are just... too strong for me to overcome.

So you won't even try...

_____We don't have that kind of freedom. Not anymore. Sorry, little heart... back into your cage you go.

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