Name: Chester Namio

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Race: Gifted Human

Abilities: He can sense people by their auras and has a limited ability of telepathy.

Bio: Ever since he was sixteen, Chester grew up with an older sister and a younger, adopted sister. He usually kept to himself, but occasionally would be seen hanging around with the younger of the three siblings. He couldn’t stand to see her hurt, and felt a tinge of remorse whenever she would cry because of their mother.

Before the girl showed up, he didn’t really socialize much with the family. He just kept to himself in his room with his books and studied. He discovered and harnessed his own abilities in the privacy of his own room when he was fifteen. He kept it a secret from his family.

Whenever he went off to college, he ended up leaving Cheska behind to fend for herself in a hell house. After graduating college he went off into the world to find a decent living, cutting off all ties with his family.

Personality: Lazy, flirty, level-headed, polite, and considerate.

Appearance: Choppy black hair and purplish-red eyes. He’s 6’ tall, weighs about 158lbs, and has really light skin. I mostly use this image for most Role Plays. ((I did not make that and I do not take credit for it))

Likes: Reading, flirting, most forms of music, shy girls, assertive guys, cigarettes

Dislikes: Clingy people, being asked about his family, overly bright rooms


[C]heska & {H}eather