This isn't really for anyone's business other than to let those who are still interested in associating with me what all is going on with me, and explaning my (quite frequent and prolonged as of late) absences...

For reasons I shan't mention over the internet, I am involved with the police now... if you've gotten close to me, think on what I have told you of my family situation and the reason why will come to light rather quickly. What between the local leos and my own lovely personal family drama, I have been rather preoccupied and extremely stressed for perhaps the last month or more. No word from the leos after the last time I talked to them, more than three weeks ago now... though it is law enforcement, I don't expect much from them. Especially around here.

I'm just really letting you all know that I am still alive right now, even if it is against my better wishes. If you are still interested in speaking to me, please feel free to contact me in any way, and I will make an effort to return your message as soon as I recieve it.

(email, PM, or a text would be best...)

Tills nästa gång,