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A walk in my geta
To steal a phrase from one of my friends, this is Mostly Lovely Randomness.
I don't even know what to say...

You aren't worth enough to be put in here, and that's saying something since this means nothing...

Why do you so enjoy ruining people's lives?

You root for them until you have a moment to overturn them and send them crashing to the bottom.

You are woman, hear you roar, you don't need anyone... Truth is, you do. You need people to manipulate. Since he's gone right now, and has been for almost two months, you had to turn your attention elsewhere. Because my once-brother won't put up with it. My best friend won't put up with it. And you're seeing that I won't put up with it. And he won't put up with it, either, if he can see through your bull s**t and lies, when he gets out. But that is what you do best, right? Twist people into lies and feed them to other people to hurt them?

You say you love that he and I are in love. Then why would you try to send him to jail? Why would you try to take him away from me, make him hate me, when I can finally have him back? I guess you just can't stand it that I am not going to sit around and cry myself to sleep in my room and twiddle my thumbs in my spare time every night. Sorry, that sucks for you. Also sorta wonder where you get off nosing your way into my friendships and what I spend my time doing and how I act durring that time. I love your grandson. Doesn't give you a right to act worse than a mother. My own mother is at peace with what is going on, because she can come to me and ask, not create an alternate reality and accuse. We aren't married yet. And, with the way you're acting and the things we have left to sort out, I dunno if that's going to happen anymore. He makes me happy. But that's never enough for you. And I'm seeing that we will never be happy until he is away from your influence. If we ever end up marrying, you will never speak to us again. You are a black poison that corrupts everything you touch with a facade of goodness. You will never see any great grand kids you have. You will not come to our wedding. And you will never twist his mind into submission again. I do not care what repercussions it brings down on me. It is worth it to be rid of your vile influence. I wish nothing more than to see you rot away into the pile of dusty bones you are.

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