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A walk in my geta
To steal a phrase from one of my friends, this is Mostly Lovely Randomness.
It really is that hard, isn't it...
I understand that I'm not your best friend anymore, but that doesn't mean you have to blow me off. I understand that you're lonely, but you don't have to be, its a choice. I understand that you have other people you can hang out with, but don't complain when you spend all of your time with them and then say that we never hang out. ... You know how my mother is. You text me asking if I want to hang out, knowing that I can't walk over there this late at night, and wait until I'm already ready and waiting, having spent ten minutes weaseling and promising with my mom to get to hang out for an hour and a half, to let me know that you guys won't give me a ride over there because "he has a sore throat". Don't remember that affecting your driving ability really. But what do I know?
There's also not much reason to say you want to hang out, then not tell me you have other plans later, and make more for yourself that can't possibly include me while we're hanging out. Thanks. You could have just said you'd be busy later or that you had better things to do. Because I definately love being dropped off at the house of someone who despises me with you, and walking around town to find someone else who would be interested in spending some time with me. It seems to be a very hard thing to do for some reason. Am I truely that terrible, that annoying, that you just can't hang out? You and all your friends are older than me; I don't understand why you all expect me to have instant rides anywhere I want to go. They have time to give you rides, since you don't have a car, but aparently not me when you all want me to join in. I can come, as long as it doesn't involve any effort at all on your part and involves minimal notice.

Thanks, guys...

I love to see the insides of the few that I decided to let in close...

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