Hello, readers.

A lot of s**t can happen, and change, in a month (give or take).

Me and that guy Mark I keep talking about in all my damn entries this year are still together. We still don't make sense. At the moment he doesn't care about people saying he's not it for me. He thinks I'm just about right for him. People have tried the ******** out of this relationship, he has even tried it. These are trials, I take them as such. I just try to remain strong and stay as a unit..

My best friend Scott isn't seeing anyone. I feel like he should maintain that for a while. I don't think he needs to be in a thing right now, because just needs to focus on these things that are happening with him and his loved ones. But, of course, it's entirely his choice what he does.

Anyway. There's been lots of conflict. This girl named E (mentioned in a previous entry) was talking s**t on me, just because I said I was finished with her drama, and CB. So she was mad and started mouthing off to me on the net. In these next couple of days I'm about to come see if she's about all of that lip. Walk that talk.

That's all for now. Until next time..