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Welcome, avid reader. Various things will go here. I couldn't tell you exactly what. Come and discover.
Fighting over Guys.
I want to start off by saying, the guy I've been talking about in my recent entries this year is a literal trash bag. This went too far.

Mark has me f u c k e d up. There's this messy a** situation going on and he really ******** chose to side with my enemy, who also happens to be his ex, over me. That's complete bullshit. He's mad because I talked to my friend, CB, who he doesn't like and she has a baby with. A literal exchange of words. Me and CB are friends. Also, I can talk to who the ******** I want to talk to. You don't run s**t. I don't know what they thought this s**t was.

Mark's saying me and CB always start the drama, not him and E. You mother ******** wish we did. Honestly, probably praying over stars about the s**t, They are just easily bothered by everything me and/or CB do. Mark has a reaction to everything I do and whoever I talk to. I don't start s**t. I finish it. I'm too ******** zen and unbothered to be starting up s**t out of nowhere.

I knew he would listen to whatever this girl told him. I could tell he still harbored affection for her, even though she royally ******** him over when they were together. He was bringing all of that s**t to our relationship. Siding with his ex, or whatever she is to him. I don't really care. This b***h has been talking out of the side of her neck for a while, and I've remained cool and zen, but I'm about to come out of my ******** cage on them. I've just been laughing at her.

They really don't get that I'm not the one to ******** with, and I'm saying "them" because he decided to side with her. I'm tired of looking at this b***h's face. She better know the consequences of her actions. How does he still have feelings left over for this ******** childlike a** hoe? I'm thoroughly perplexed.

Instead of picking fights with me over guys, focus on your mother ******** self. There wouldn't be a problem if she weren't bothered by me just doing my own thing. That's how this started anyway. You want to fight over guys, mamita? You look mad ******** dumb. Can't believe I was friends with someone like this.

I don't know what the ******** Mark is on and why I've put up with this s**t. It's really coming to a head. He shouldn't have put me in a position like this with his ex b***h, involving her in our relationship like he did, confiding in her about our s**t. And I'm not wasting my time on a guy who will still choose his ex, someone who's wrecked the living hell out of him, over me. Say no ******** more, because I know what I deserve. And it's definitely not that s**t. Not of this. That's complete bullshit.

I'm really trying not to wild out on anyone, and to keep my composure.

I told Mark I'm about done with him.

We'll see what happens next.

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Evergreen Night
Community Member

Sun Oct 16, 2011 @ 05:59pm

This is what I was afraid of.,
what I hoped wouldn't go down.
Reallty wanted to be wrong about the guy.
*long sigh*
I know you're pretty upset r.n. about this whole thing,
rightfully so
Firstly I commend you for being able to keep it cool for this long.
I'm forreal legit proud of you, you've come so far.
You need to dissociate from this girl quickly. Him too. All of em, really. Ik that's harder for you.
Let's talk more otp ok?

Community Member

Fri Oct 21, 2011 @ 03:33am

I know.. Okay.

User Comments: [2]
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