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You are so pretty~! drop a comment/pm if you wanna say something or if I trashed you here in my journal.

Feel free to punch or ninja kick me.
My Oasis.
I have been here for 9 years in all...
This subdivision has grown old and ugly.
Like bizenghast, (a town in a manga)
it has broken pools,
houses that doesn't have people in them,...
and it's quite sad and depressing...
At least that is what I expected it to be until now...
Well, I grown up fast after some years... I stopped coming out to play
and focused on my studies... leaving my friends hating me.
I got scared to come out. Probably because ever since my bestfriend left town...
Im always alone. Okay Okay, I sound like a loner.

But.... now I'm 14... I took my dog out for a walk for the first time...
And then, I saw this sunset... it's so beautiful! and all that! it's more beautiful than in the pictures on the internet...

I was like starstruck. I wanted to take a photo of it.
Then, I started to think how beautiful the earth was and the subdivision I'm living in.
Well, yeah it has many uncut grass and a broken billboard that they don't fix at all... But, it was beautiful in it's own way.... the wind feels so great there...

Many people in other subdivisions, towns, or whatever they are....
seems to not see the sunset because of buildings, roads, MRTs that surrounds the sky.

And I feel lucky being here...
For they not like me... can't see this beautiful sky.

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