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You are so pretty~! drop a comment/pm if you wanna say something or if I trashed you here in my journal.

Feel free to punch or ninja kick me.
Oh hai guys.

So, I'm not actually into writing anything besides Fantasy and Supernatural. But here's my logic story. xD

"Purple wires"

"Hey! how long will that take?" says Milfred the officer of the building. A witty man with and eye of a giraffe and a body of a meerkat looking at the clock which has turned to 2 minutes.
"What do you think? The blue wire or the red wire?" says a idiotic Hempshire looking six feet tall man.
"What! Why are you asking me? You're the bomb expert! How should I know?" Milfred gains some sweat, "Does he really know what he's doing?"
"Well, I'll cut the purple then, it's my favorite"
As Hempshire is about to cut the wire when Milfred stops him.
"What are you doing? there's no purple wire there!"
Hempshire stood up and some tools fell off, "Then you do it, you think you know everything!" he shrugged and left.
"Wait!" sweat came down Milfred's head. This is his mission now, if he don't stop the bomb within 1 minute, he and all the employees of the building will be killed.
"Milfred, think... you learned this somewhere in college... Be calm... think" he shut his eyes so he couldn't see the countdown but as he opens them, he sees 10 seconds.
"OH GOD!" just five seconds.
"What do I cut!?"

In the end, he cut the purple wire.

So, if you didn't get anything. It means I'm a great writer. It's a logic story. Just guess what happened. (Actually, I don't get it too. But It's funny to me)

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