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You are so pretty~! drop a comment/pm if you wanna say something or if I trashed you here in my journal.

Feel free to punch or ninja kick me.
Stupid Ambitions of mine.
Well, it's easy.
I want to be a psychiatrist and a writer.

well, if i became a psychiatrist, i'll get to write about crazy things that'll will happen to me. (if i get killed by disturbed people)

or maybe a space ranger.

or a JUDGE. I really like to be a judge.
you just sit there and then you decide and I can hold that hammer thing and throw it at someone with a mustache.

ORRRRR I could be a photographer.
well, yeah i like cameras a lot but i never had one of my own cameras so when i see a beautiful scenery, I just sigh and continue to my lonely world.

Well, I'll been hinting my mother to buy me one. (in Skype)
trust me, it's hard to be hinting your mother in Skype. really hard.
she's quite faraway that's why she always doesn't know what i want.
and then she decides herself what i want. (a demanding mother)

well, she did kinda bought me one but it is printed on a pretty cute T-shirt and a girl is holding it. well, she get the idea! ta heck?!

okay, straight to the point, so i've been taking pictures on phone. (so lame)
and they don't look at all like the same thing. (so blury and such)

Okay, this is my most impossible dream:
To be astronomer.
yeah, i'm in love with stars and mythology.
i think they're quite cool. Space is the most mysterious thing right?
so i want to discover more about it.

=u= i wish i could be an astronomer.
well, the first person that i ever looked up to is a guy that lended me a telescope.
yeah a guy or was he? I don't remember. -______-

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