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reference by Aerial Whale

More References:
-Pencil Sketch by me
-Colored drawing by Marclyn
-Short Comic also Featuring Liana, Xander's Childhood Friend
-Showing Mage Skills

Name: Xander (His full first name is Alexander, but he didn't like the sound of it, so he goes by Xander. Xander never uses a last name.)

Physical Traits: Since Xander is a Sun Elf, he has the typical traits of slightly tanned skin, green eyes and bright reddish-orange hair. Also part of being an elf and a mage to boot, Xander doesn't have the most beefy bod, though he likes to think he has some pretty good muscles for an elf (delusion). There is also a tattoo on Xander's abdomen, explained a little further in the next paragraph.

Clothing: Xander likes to wear "flashy" clothing which could be from fashionably odd to wearing clothing with colors that clash (Also, he is very fond of capes in all shapes and sizes. He even wears one when swimming...watch out for riptides). The "flashy" clothing is also used to show off his tattoo on his abdomen which indicates his status as a magic user which he is VERY proud of.

Weapon: Xander uses gemstones, but since his main element is fire, he tends to use rubies. Even so, Xander has a fascination with all types of rocks (even non-gemstones) so if his luggage gains a few pounds it's time to dump out his growing rock collection while he's sleeping to prevent further problems (not being able to run from combat because his bag weighs too much = death). Credit to Old Man Vee for suggesting this kind of weapon.

Personality: Xander believes he is a ladies' man, hitting on (almost) every woman he sees. He is eccentric, not very bright and cares deeply for others even if it means putting himself at risk, which he seems to do too often because of his lack of intelligence.

Story: Xander lives in a world where the human race is looked down upon. Humans had once ruled the world and oppressed the magical beings, but when an epidemic wiped out a good percentage of the humans, the magical beings overthrow the human rule, pushing them out of the cities and into the forests, as well as punishing, imprisoning and executing any they came across. Xander, being an elf, lives in an elven city and has seen humans publicly humiliated before, but this time Xander sees a young adult in the stocks and recognizes the boy as the same human he had rescued when the human was just a baby. Not thinking as usual, Xander rescues the boy in broad daylight, dragging his childhood friend along. Ever since the public rescue, the group is forced to leave the city as outlaws. With few options left, the group sets off to find a city rumored to be a refuge city for humans, the last peaceful place for them left on the planet. If it does in fact exist.

There is a story behind Xander's hair as well. Basically, elven mages have two long bangs (their physical trait). As you get better at using magic and advance in years, these two strands grow longer and longer. Most elven mages let the rest of their hair grow with the strands, but Xander wants to keep a mohawk, with the goal that he will be the "coolest" elder...if he lives that long. Xander also has a tendency of almost dying because he's a squishy mage.
With his hair and clothing, Xander is breaking the "prettyboy" elven mage stereotype a bit...just a bit...it's supposed to be farcical.

Random facts:
-Xander has a fear of seahorses to the point of being phobic. It was all the crazy neighbor lady's fault on that Halloween night...
-Xander came into existence after I had a dream about that hairdo and just needed to make an awesome character based on it.
-This is his theme song: Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol

Additional Art: Xander and Liana by Lady Songie

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