Very very rough idea, will be worked on in the future.

OC NAME : open
Race : open
Story : He likes to run around at night, running on top of roofs and jumping through the windows of the nobility because you never know what you can encounter. The point is not to steal, but to see how the nobility lives. What trinkets they own, how big their rooms are, who may be in the room at the time...*cough* Anyways, he is just the curious, mischievous wanderer living life how he wishes.
Theme song: Link!
Clothe style: fantasy/rogue-ish
Theme: mischievious
Eye color : violet
Skin color: pale
Hair style/color : surprise me
Additional detail : If he gets into trouble, he has the ability to make a shadow clone. As soon as someone touches it it vanishes, but usually in the time it takes for the person to examine his shadow he has already disappeared out the window. Also, he should be in his 20s to 30s.